Final Blog Post

Final Blog Post

If I could travel back to the beginning of my freshman year, I would tell myself the following:

1.) Turn this blog post in on time.

2.) Do not take 8 a.m. classes 4 times a week.

3.) Use my time wisely.

4.) Put first things first.

5.) Study everyday instead of cramming the week before an exam.

6.) Talk to more people.

7.) Meet with my academic advisor more often.

8.) Go to ALL of my study group sessions for Chem.

9.) Sleep earlier.

10.) Listen more in lectures.

There were a lot of challenges especially because everything is so much harder to manage since every thing was so time consuming. It did not help that new things would come up unexpectedly that would completely mess up my agenda for the day.

The way I learned to change my ways is by through discipline and organization. I began to list all of my homework on my whiteboard that is next to my door, and I would erase everything that I would accomplish, and it helped me miss less of the homework that were due. I am still growing as a person and student here in the University of Michigan, and I am open to continue learning how to beat the system!

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