Oh Young Kalie…

Oh Young Kalie…

I thought I was so grown up pulling up to campus with my high hopes and dreams and what I thought was my brainiac of a mind and though I was so nervous, I was so excited to see what this school had to offer me. Since then I have learned a lot about myself, what my future career holds, and about the world. I can now look back and think wow I was so naive, but one thing that remains unwavering is the passion and drive that I have.

My expectations were high, I was going to be a biochemistry major, I was going to get all A’s, I was going to make tons of new friends, and I swear I felt like I was about to take on the world. Well one thing about that list is true, I made a lot of friends and that is one thing I am grateful for.

I learned biochem is hard! I hate chemistry! It is not like high school chemistry at all, which I am not sure why I would ever expect it to be, but something about how all these atoms make up everything but you can’t even see them is just hard for me to conceptualize. And there’s more: there are even SMALLER particles that make up an atom! And if that is not bad enough, you have to take through calc III just incase you would not hate your life enough. I wanted to do biochem because I heard it is extremely impressive for medical schools, and now I understand why because it takes a genius and someone with a death wish to pursue a degree in biochemistry. Then I found out that medical schools do not even care what you major in as long as you take the prerequisites to do well on the MCAT and oh man did that save my life. I have decided to major in biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience as well as a minor in gender and health and it feels so good to be intrigued and studying on my own time because I am interested in what I am learning instead of crying in my room about pi and sigma bonds and how apparently they have these imaginary anti bonds.

That leads me to my next point, C’s really do get degrees. Just because high school was ridiculously easy for me and I was able to slack off does not mean I can actually try my best and get an A. Sometimes your very best is a B or even a C and that is okay! It does not feel great, I am not going to lie but once I realized that I am trying as hard as I can I am still getting the most I can out of that class and that is all I can expect of myself.

The last thing I learned was take time to relax. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with stress and to do nothing but study and homework, but it is SOOO important to still take care of myself. Time went by so fast so if I am studying for 5 hours straight, do not be afraid to take a break and run or hang out with my friends. I will never get this time back in my life so I need to not just do well in school, but make incredible memories and amazing friends. They say these are the best years of our lives, but if my nose is always stuck in a textbook I won’t be able to experience the beautiful campus and lively people that I am surrounded with.

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