Hey Vinny, this is a warning… Beware

Hey Vinny, this is a warning… Beware

This is what I would tell myself if I traveled back to the first days of moving in before freshmen year began. It would be in a handwritten letter, on white card stock with a fresh new black sharpie with a poorly drawn flower on the back of it:

“Hey vinny,

so you have already completed a summer =semester at the big U of M. It was really fun and great and satisfying. You really believe that these next two semesters are going to be just as awesome. Well do I have some news for you.

That will not be the case at all. You are going to be very insecure, lonely sometimes, and turn into quite the hermit. These semesters will not have as many grand tiny genuine moments, those moments you love. You will not have as much fun as you once thought you would be having. You will be incredibly uninspired with the classes you take and question very heavily the choice of coming to college. And your cool neighbor plays the ukulele really well. This is a true story.

You know, what you see isn’t always the truth (you will see the greatness that that came from later), but it will end eventually. This does not last forever. Summer will come soon enough and let me tell you, it will feel quite great when you return to Grand Rapids listening to Lana Del Rey’s newest song release. You really want to quit. But it is not the worst. So I guess stick it out for now.

Things always work out.

Thank you,

I am you but stronger.”

And that is what I would tell myself if I were to be able to travel back to the beginning of freshmen year.

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