End of the Year Post

End of the Year Post

Reflect upon a challenge that you encountered this academic year. How, if at all, did you overcome it and grow from it? 

If there’s one thing that college has taught me, it’s that failure isn’t something that should never happen, but rather, it’s an opportunity to grow. Certainly, this notion is incredibly idealistic and makes the best of a situation, but I’ve found that trying to understand why I screwed up rather than get negative after the ordeal is a much more constructive way to ensure that it never happens again. For example, there was one instance where I had trouble managing my work and I was unable to submit my assignment at the appointed time, resulting in a rather severe penalty towards my grade.

Following the event, I was consumed with negative feelings of “how could this happen, why didn’t I do better, etc…” However, over time, I realized that these emotions did nothing to help my situation; they just exacerbated a cycle of inaction and self-pity that would only make my worth ethic even worse. And so I learned to not focus on those negatives, to stop comparing myself to others and thinking they’d done so well, why can’t I be like them, and focusing more on the fact that here’s why I screwed up, let’s think of how to make sure this doesn’t happen next time.

So in the end, college has brought its fair share of challenges and taught me that not only is failure a natural course in life, but it’s something we should use to grow from. And in my opinion, letting failure consume and dictate your life, is perhaps the greatest way you can perpetuate it.

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