College in a Nutshell

College in a Nutshell

I had this warped vision of what college would be like: gothic archways, eccentric professors, anti-establishment and late night philosophical discussions. It was not like that at all. More comparatively, it was reminiscent of middle-school, except you couldn’t go into a test and get an A (let alone pass) without studying beforehand. The only “independence” I gained from living 700 of miles away from my parents was terrible food and an accumulation of laundry. Here is what changed for me in college:

  1. I am not conceited about my intelligence anymore (in fact, I can’t even remember what feeling “smart” was like)
  2. Buy 40 pairs of socks and 60 underwear (it’s what pretty much determines whether you do laundry or not)
  3. When people tell you “it doesn’t matter where you go for undergrad.,” believe them
  4. You’ll go from reading Shakespeare in your English class to Graphic novels

Throughout my livings in college, I’ve learned it doubt all sources of information without proper confirmation (especially when it comes to politics from liberals and conservatives alike), to become much more appreciative of my family and that studying while lying on your bed for over 24 hours hurts your back (don’t do it!). Next semester, I plan to take it easier. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time to allocate the proper focus for each class. I gained meaningful friendships—but with 24,000 undergrads, I want to branch my friends from more than the people I live with.

Goodbye university (at least for four months).

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