Freshman Year Experience

Freshman Year Experience

If I could go back to the beginning of the year and tell myself something, I would tell myself:

1st. Just don’t stress out so much! It won’t end up helping your doomed Gen-Chem grade, and only served to give you stress breakouts and made you even less productive!

2nd. Oh gosh procrastination… It’s just not good for anything. You really have to finish that project sometime not the night before, and although it may seem nice when you’re procrastinating and watching Netflix, cramming all the work into the night before just isn’t going to work out well.

3rd. Join more extra curricular activities! You focused a lot on your academics this year and I’m proud of you, but it would have been nice to do more in the realm of activities and social events! Maybe that’ll be a good goal for next year!

4th. Lastly, don’t eat that 10th mojo cookie, just don’t… I know I know, they’re just so melty and gooey and irresistible, but your body will seriously thank you… That Freshman 15 is going to hit hard even without you even realizing, so better just to cut down on the stress eating from the get go!

But in all honesty, I had a great freshman year that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I loved being a part of the HSSP community, and made some great friends and connections in my year here. I hope that my entire undergrad experience can be just as positive!

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