My Top 5 Tips to Survive Umich

My Top 5 Tips to Survive Umich

This was quite the year. Although it seems like assignments and exams drag on, the year itself flew by. I still feel like I was just in the Diag, exploring campus at Artscapade and trying to figure out where I would fit in at college. Now here I am, at the end of my freshman year, and it seems like it lasted barely a month.

With that being said, I have certainly encountered a few (a lot) of challenges. Of those, one sticks out: Make an effort to take care of yourself. This was definitely one of the greatest challenges I faced. I had to learn the hard way that if you do not take care of yourself, there is no way you can take care of school and perform well. So I have come up with 5 major points that I will keep with me for the rest of my academic career.

  1. When given the chance, pet every animal you come across.
    1. Studies have shown that they reduce stress
    2. Visit home to see your own animals
    3. Pet every animal that walks past you on campus
  2. Do not eliminate “you” time.
    1. Watch Netflix
    2. Get into bed sometimes
    3. Do the small things that make you happy
  3. Take care of your body and mind
    1. Exercise
    2. Start the day with a healthy breakfast
    3. Eat those 6 mojo cookies if they will make you feel better about your upcoming exam
  4. Your friends are your support system.
    1. Let them know about your classes and days
    2. Plan relaxing outings (or innings)
    3. Even if it takes time, you will find people you connect with
  5. Love yourself.
    1. Love yourself a lot
    2. Love yourself some more
    3. Love yourself the most

It was a crazy year, but it was one for the books and I would not change a thing (except for my General Chemistry grade).

One thought on “My Top 5 Tips to Survive Umich

  1. If I learned anything about college is that mental health follows you. Getting out of the crappy high school atmosphere isn’t enough for your mental health to return to return to normal. That is the one thing I regret most about my freshman year. I became the stereotypical college student who did not think they needed mental health help because “college is stressful”. Despite all of the struggles, I did manage to survive my freshman year of college. There are a million things I would change as of right now, but I hope I can look back in ten years and not regret anything about my freshman year. Even though it was a rough first year I did grow as a person, and I do love college life and the University of Michigan. If I have learned anything is that I will do more to take care of my physical and mental health. I will put aside “me” time more often to ensure I will not burn out. I have a great support system of friends that I will carry with me throughout my lifetime, in HSSP and my friends in other families I have across campus. I will also ALWAYS make time to pet any dog that crosses my path. Though my freshman year could have been viewed as a disaster, but I did learn from HSSP what I wanted to learn, that the health care field is not for me, and I will be happier pursuing another career.

    P.S. The best time to do this is during Hash Bash. I personally do not smoke, but it is easy to go up to any of the people with dogs (and there are many MANY dogs) because they are generally pretty “chill”.

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