Does the university do enough in regards to mental health?

Does the university do enough in regards to mental health?

The University of Michigan is one that leads the field in multiple areas such as research and public health but I believe that there is always room for improvement with mental health. The university currently invests a lot of money in services such as CAPS, Wolverine Wellness and SAPAC all of which address aspects of mental health and ways to help with issues that would leave the students grappling with possible mental illness. These mental health services are a great first step and are essential to mental health on campus

With all that being said there is still quite a few issues. One of which is that a lot of students do not know where these things are or even that some of these things exist. For me personally I did not know that Wolverine Wellness did anything with mental health until last week. The university should show students what they need to do to schedule appointments with these places as well as show the students where to go for these places. These small improvements to show the students the accessibility of the mental health resources could help to mitigate the idea that students “do not have enough time to go” to places to CAPS, Wolverine Wellness, or SAPAC.

As for ways to improve student’s mental health outside of the campus, this is difficult to do because the university cannot directly influence this as it can within its own campus. A possible way to make an impact outside of its campus could be to ask the parents of the students to ask their child who is at school about their mental health and how they feel.


How would you improve mental health on our campus? Or do you think that the universities current system is fairly comprehensive?

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  1. Excellent point Seb. I have heard that the waiting time to see a counselor at CAPS takes slightly under a week, which is not efficient at all when trying to combat mental health problems prevalent in the student body. Students already have limited time as it is, and may have little motivation or reason to seek out the resources for mental health. Another issue is the dismissal of symptoms as small, or passing. They believe they will eventually get over them, whether or not they actually do.

  2. I completely agree when you talk about how the university offers pretty comprehensive care when it comes to mental health in comparison to other universities, but I do believe that more could definitely be done. While I think that we do a good job having these things in place, I think that we need to do a better job of making them accessible to all and working to make these resources known from the start. Answering your question, I think that the university does a pretty adequate job with what they offer to students, but I think it would be beneficial to attempt to communicate to all students about whats offered, especially during times where students are more likely to be affected like during exams.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said! I think it’s great that our university has programs that specialize in assisting students with mental health disorders. Although, it is unfortunate that many students don’t know about them. I think that to improve the mental health on campus, we need to reach out to students and educate them about their options. Also, I think it would be great to have a mental health program within each residential hall so that it would ease some anxiety.

  4. Your are right Seb, UMich does offer quite a few resources which are a great first step. However, there needs to be efforts made in order to help students take that next step, which is actually taking advantage of these resources. Like you said, there are issues making these resources as available as they should be. I think one thing that could be done is having more CAPS offices in other locations, which would increase staff and decrease long wait time for an appointment. I also think that the mental health services that are provided should be promoted as more than a resource when you are desperately in need of help. I haven’t heard much promotion that would encourage me to make an appointment even if I felt that I was in good mental health. I think we all can benefit from prevention of serious mental health problems.

  5. Honestly, I don’t have too much knowledge about the mental health centres here on campus, but reading the above comments does pose a valid argument for more efficient scheduling. I’ve also visited the CAPS office to get a sense of its location and it seems to me that their head quarters is a little small for a university of several thousand students. Maybe moving their head quarters to a more spacious location could help improve their efficiency. All in all, I think that the university does a decent job at trying to spread awareness about the importance of mental health a demanding university. Maybe, prodviding students with informational pamphlets regarding mental health services on move in day for students could help improve the knowledge gap that may keep some students from using these important services.

  6. I would have to agree only to an extent with this post. Though the University of Michigan has a lot of flaws in their methods towards mental health, I would say they are doing way more right than wrong. The university has a huge amount of money and resources and it is the reason why they are able to do so many of these programs in the first place. The amount of funding the school has is ridiculous, but I would say that it is well utilized to an extent. Though individually I do not take advantage of the mental health resources, I do know they are there and I just lack the personal issues to go myself. All the funding in the world is not going to physically take me to CAPS, UHS, or any of the other resources of the amazing resources that the university has to offer. I do know that every single one of my friends here is aware of the resources we have, if anything we make fun of how much they are advertised. I think of other colleges back in California that lack the funding to even have established some of these program. There are even schools in Michigan and even students in high school struggling with junior year that do not have the resources because they are not thought of. Maybe if we were exposed to them earlier we would actually take advantage of them. Maybe in this comment I am ranting, but the lecture perplexed me into another state that made me frustrated overall. I am thankful for the resources, especially those in mental health that the University of Michigan has to offer to its students, faculty, and staff.

  7. I think that the University’s resources for mental health are extremely substantial. However, regardless of how many of these great programs we have, it is hard for these programs to reach the students who really need them. This may be because of the lack of advertisement (like you said I was not aware of half of these programs until lecture). Also I think that you can’t force someone to get help, so some people fall through the cracks and fail to get the help they need. It’d be great if the university could find a way to reach these kids who are afraid to use the resources or dont know how to use them. That is almost impossible though because if people dont want help then its hard to give it. I think the university should do more promoting for these services and make it seem like anormal thing to check in with CAPS so that people for more comfortable admitting that they need help.

  8. Hi Seb,
    Just like you I believe that the university has much to offer in terms of mental health. It’s just that many of these resources aren’t put out there enough for people to actually realize that they are available to them. On top of that students don’t really think that they would get much out of it or don’t think that they need the extra help to get over something. To solve this issue I feel like a good way to start would be within learning communities and having PA’s and RA’s making sure to point these resources out and explain just how beneficial they can be. I feel like with these things one actually needs to hear it from another person to really get interested. Reading a flyer about getting mental help does not sound that resourceful, however, getting a friends advice or even experience could definitely get the point across.

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