While attending lecture I was not surprised by any of the different types of research methods. I was not shocked by this information because not only am I apart of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, but I have also taken the course known as Psychology 111. F0r those who are unfamiliar with either UROP or Psychology 111 they both look at and include having some knowledge in research. The only information that I felt was confusing and I somewhat considered  to be unethical, was exposing participants to certain variables that might cause harm. As of now, I dislike doing research, thus when I look towards the future I don’t see myself conducting research. However, I do see myself as being an observer and someone who applies the research others have done. The idea of being behind a laptop and entering data does not excite me, yet the social side of research does.

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  1. Thats awesome that you have already had experience with research! I have not had any experience through UROP nor any research studies besides reading about them. I find it fascinating to read about research experiments being conducted and I hope that one day I will be able to do something similar to conducting an research study. I think in my future, I will mostly be one using the research but hopefully one day I will be conducting it, too. I think They are paired together, however, because you cannot really know what to research unless you have encountered the research of others and want to find a new way of researching the subject matter.

  2. I was also not too surprised by the different types of research methods because like you, I took Psychology 111 and learned about research in that class. I believe research will affect most healthcare jobs especially the field I am going into, nursing. The field of nursing now implements a term called “evidence-based practice” which means nurses will now do procedures that are backed by research and evidence and prove they are the most effective in treating patients.

  3. I think as being a producer of research you also must be a consumer. Research requires you to learn information from other resources (consume the research) and work upon that to build a stronger understanding (producing). I am not a part of UROP, however, I am taking Psychology 111 this semester. I am excited to see what it is like being apart of a study and how I can help contribute. I am also excited to one day join a research team during my undergraduate years, and try and contribute to science!

  4. Since I am also in UROP, I was interested to learn how other UROP students would feel about the lecture and the information within. Since we are already exposed to different research methods and ethics in the UROP seminars, that aspect of the lecture was not that new to us. However, I think the lecture provided a way for us to think about how we will encounter research in our futures as health professionals. We may not want to dedicate our careers to doing research, but regardless it will be useful to us in any avenue of health. Also, I too don’t enjoy sitting in a lab or at a computer for research, but I have learned that even in the health field there are many possibilities for qualitative research and more interactive studies.

  5. I, like you and seemingly many others here, am also a member of UROP. As such, I too was not surprised by the information presented at this lecture. However, the lecture was insightful in regards to my personal future as a doctor. While performing research is not my primary goal, I might potentially do it at some point. I will definitely use it on a daily basis while I practice medicine.

  6. I have not been a part of research yet but I see myself as more of a consumer as well. I am looking forward to being a health practitioner and applying the research that other people have done to my daily life. However, I am currently in Psychology 111 and there is a portion where all students in that class must be a part of research studies. When I do this, I am hoping I learn more by participating in some hands-on research. By doing this, I may change my mind about being a consumer of research and realize I like doing/being a part of research.

  7. Having experience in research at this early stage in your career is amazing. I am glad that you had that experience now and realized that you did not like it rather than experiencing it later. I am not in UROP, but I have taken a class that dealt with RCT’s. Therefore, prior to this lecture RCT’s was the type of study I understood completely and was very familiar with. The other studies that were mentioned were not necessarily new to me, but I was not as knowledgeable in those studies as the RCT studies. When it comes to researching I think I will really enjoy it especially if it is a topic that interest me. Hearing many different individuals get their research published motivates me to work hard to accomplish that goal. Of course research is not my main goal in life, but I believe doing research at least one time in my career will only help me in the long run. In conclusion, I plan to become a producer and consumer in research.

  8. I also took Psych111, but I was still very surprised about the amount of information I did not know about research. I was aware of the ethics related to research studies, but I was not aware of the many types of research there is to do. I do not like to do research either, but since I am going into nursing, research and evidence-based practicing is a big part of what we do and learn about in our classes now.

  9. It’s great that you found out you dislike research so early in your life, rather than making it your career and finding out then. There’s a lot more to dislike about research than just finding it uninteresting, such as the publish-or-perish mentality, the lack of funding, and the long durations and risk of failure. Some however, look past all of research’s faults and instead focus on the possible benefits research has for a large part of society. I myself plan on doing UROP next year, and now that I know a lot more about research, I feel more comfortable. Before the lecture, I didn’t know much about the different research study types, but now I can confidently say I know what a systematic review is. I personally don’t plan to become a producer of researcher, but I’d like to experience what it’s like to do research just to see what it’s like for myself. I can say for certain I will consume research in my daily work in the medical field.

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