End of Semester Reflection

End of Semester Reflection

My first semester at the University of Michigan was definitely not what I had expected. In my letter to myself, I promised to stay organized, make friends in HSSP, “get at least a 3.8″, and restore my faith by going to church. When I opened the letter and read it, I laughed because of how many thing I did not do.

It would be very easy for me to say that this semester went perfectly, and that I am so happy with how things are going. However, I want to be honest. I knew that the University of Michigan would be challenging, but I never expected myself to be struggling to pull off a B+ in intro to Bio or spending two hours a night working on Spanish homework. Never the less, school is school, and I have learned to deal with not getting the straight A+’s that I got in high school.  While I have made friends at U of M, the vast majority of them are not in HSSP. If I knew that many of the HSSP friends groups would be set after welcome week, I would have tried a lot harder to make friends within HSSP instead of hanging out with my friends outside of it.

I think that the cherry on top of a rough first semester was missing my second observation yesterday. For some reason, even though I checked Ctools last week, I was convinced that my observation was this morning. After about thirty minutes of very awkwardly standing at the reception desk of the Cardiovascular center, we figured out that I had the wrong day. So, now I have deal with the fact that the only class I should have easily gotten an A in will now be at highest a B.

Even though my first semester did not go exactly how I thought it would, it was definitely a valuable learning experience. I came in to U of M thinking the only way to medical school was through a science major. Now that I know it is not, I have switched my major to International Studies and Spanish. Like most freshman, this was my first time living without my parents, doing my own laundry, and having complete freedom. Even though my GPA is not what I wanted, I am most proud of myself for getting through Spanish 232 and maintaining my desire to keep learning the language. Also, after a lot of “networking”, I found myself a research position outside of UROP. I am optimistic that next semester will be better than this one, and I will definitely enter next semester with a more positive attitude as I think I have finally adjusted to life at U of M.

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