End of Semester Reflection

End of Semester Reflection

This semester, I was tossed around by Orgo. Im mainly talking about orgo because it’s basically been half my life while i’ve been here.

I did really bad in AP Chem in high school, so I was a little nervous about the class.

Getting a decent scoreĀ on the first test, I was bummed to see my below average performance on the second. The test made me push orgo out of my life for a few weeks, and I lost much of my academic confidence. Before the third test I cranked for 3 days continuously 18 hours a day, and I managed to pull through and get an A.

In my letter to myself, I congratulated myself for getting an A in Organic chemistry. While this outcome is not yet a certainty, I smiled at my past self’s confidence, and realized;that confidence is what got me into Michigan, and that confidence is what would let me succeed.

If I can keep a positive and confident mindset through college, the rest will come naturally. If I learn to use failure as a motivator, I can surely accomplish my goals.


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  1. I too, struggled heavily with Organic Chemistry, and managing it with my other classes. I did spectacularly bad in my first exam, but only through self-analysis and improving my study habits could my grades slowly improve. Ultimately, my plan is to evaluate, and then adjust, so that I will stay on a path of progress. Hopefully, the lessons from this semester will be extremely beneficial in my future decisions. It has been great being a part of UC 105.

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