Accept the Unexpected

Accept the Unexpected

It is hard to imagine that I am one week away from finishing my first semester here at Michigan. My life has changed drastically, and in ways I never thought imaginable. For example, before coming to campus, I never even considered joining a church or doing anything spiritual. But through some weird coincidences, I have reaffirmed my faith through New Life and it still is weird for me to think that I am voluntarily going to church now, whereas before, I dreaded even the thought of it. I mentioned in the letter I wrote to myself that I wanted to start meditating again and track the effects of it on my life. While this form of spiritual growth that occurred was not what I had in mind, it has impacted my life in countless ways and the relationships I have developed within the church have led to the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had on this campus thus far.

Before coming to Michigan, I had no clear direction for my career goals. But through all the exposure guest speakers and information sessions on health care and public health, I believe that I will pursue an undergraduate major in Movement Science and a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences.

Though quitting is usually seen as a failure, my proudest moment this semester was when I quit rowing. I had to seriously reconsider my priorities in life and analyze what I valued most. It was possibly the hardest decision I have ever had to make before, but my quitting this sport, I am now able to prioritize my schoolwork, relationships in HSSP, and my faith as most important now.

While I have definitely learned a lot about time management this semester, next semester, I want to utilize my time more efficiently. I have learned which ways of studying work and don’t work for me, but I have a really bad habit of procrastinating. If I don’t have a close deadline hovering over my head, I can rarely find the motivation to do the work. As is evident with the timestamp of this blog post. However, I think this method of trial and error or study habits is something I will just have to learn through experience, and mostly failures.

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  1. I too feel that I have changed over the semester in ways I did not see coming. One of the biggest changes I have seen in my life is that I am far more confident in my abilities to do things independently. Growing up, I always needed my parents, siblings, or friends help to me with just about every aspect of my life. Now however, I wake up, get dressed, feed myself, and get to class in a timely manner, all while balancing homework with my fraternity duties and intramural hockey.

    Another way I feel I have changed is that I unfortunately have spent less time with my spiritual life. I congratulate and am jealous of you, Lydia, that you have not just been able to maintain your spiritual life, but actually enhance it. Growing up, I went to a Catholic school, so practicing my faith was a part of my day that I couldn’t have escaped if I wanted to. But now that it is a choice, I find that I have had less time to practice and it has caused me to drift a bit. I hope that in the coming semester I can get back into my faith.

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