Health Professional Myths

Health Professional Myths

One of the most surprising myths that was debunked in Joyce’s/the panels’ lecture was that you can’t be successful if you get a C or fail and retake a class. Although it’s not the goal to get a C, I know feel more comfortable with knowing that if I were to get a C in a class I wouldn’t be unsuccessful.

With a tentative plan of going to med/grad school, the difficult classes that go along with this path was really daunting. However, seeing people who have overcome hard times in classes like orgo or even french be really successful in grad school and the real world was very uplifting.

Another really helpful thing I got from lecture was that your major really doesn’t matter. Beforehand, I planned on majoring in biochemistry or neuroscience because it matched up well with the premed prerequisites. However, after talking to Joyce and hearing this lecture, I am more comfortable in majoring in a more social science: psychology.

Going forward after this lecture, I feel more confident and less stressed out about just my grades. I know now to pursue what I want and am passionate in.

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