Which Plan Is The Best?

Which Plan Is The Best?

Election day is approaching and unlike me, many of you all are 18 and have the right to vote. Voting is something serious and every vote counts. As you go out to the polls keep these strengths and weaknesses  in mind about Health Care Plans from both of our candidates.

In Hilary Clinton’s plan she discusses that she wants improvements for prescription drugs. One of her strengths is that she wants to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. In one year the cost of prescription drugs increased from 2.5% to 12.6%. Reducing the cost of prescription drugs can be a benefit to everyone in America. Even though Hilary has a great plan for Prescriptiom Drugs, she also has a few weaknesses. Her weaknesses involve expanding Medicaid. If she expands Medicaid she believes this will make the environment easier but it will also affect those of low income. I know that it may be hard to supply for those of low income, but we must not forget about them and make their lives worse. Every plan that gets put into play, should be able to provide for people with any income.

Onto our other candidate Donald Trump. Donald’s plan is to get rid of the ACA and start over from scratch. I feel like this is one of the weaknesses of his Health Care Plan. Why would we put our country through even more harm and troubles when it has taken us so long to get to the ACA. There is no need to start over and he should just build on what we already have. In the year 2016, we have no time to try out new plans, we must build on what we already have. With his plans to ditch Obamacare, he does have one good thing in mind. Trump wants to reform mental health programs and institutions. The reformations of these programs are needed. They need a change and they need improvement because many people tend to forget about those who have mental health issues and most times there aren’t good enough programs to provide for people with these issues.

To my fellow HSSP students, do you agree with these strengths and weaknesses, or do you feel the opposite way about them?

5 thoughts on “Which Plan Is The Best?

  1. I agree with your strengths and weaknesses, and I would like to discuss one more point that both candidates list. They both want to allow the importation of drugs from other countries. This is obviously a great idea for obscure drugs that the U.S. does not currently have, but what about ones that we do have under a different name? Competition would surely drive prices down for the consumer, but what effect would that have on the pharmaceutical companies? With less revenue coming in, would they put less money into research of new drugs, or would the loss just come from the top executives’ paychecks?

  2. Personally, I think Hillary’s proposal to have an insurance program ran by the federal government is the most effective idea in her plan. Instead of complaining how private insurance companies are raising the premium or denying access to a certain population, why don’t we set the standard by rolling out an insurance plan that is non-profitable with high quality, so other private insurances must adapt to compete. It shouldn’t be this hard with the federal resources.
    On the other hand, Trump’s vision on American healthcare is pure free market. It’s hard to say if people will benefit from it, but certain risks do exist. For me, I think his plan about forcing transparency and revoking operating limit by state is very promising.

  3. I agree with the idea that Trump starting a brand new health care system could be very troubling to our nations. We have seen in class that it takes a long time to get new health care reform put into place. So in reality its hard to say if Trumps ideas for health care will be positive or negative. Perhaps Clintons plan to broaden Obamacare will be a more sound action for our nation in that the change in healthcare will not be as drastic. I think it is great that both candidates want to be able to help access to prescription drugs. Recently, prescription drugs have increased greatly in price, leaving some people without the medicine they need. I think this perspective of the candidates plans is valuable and something everyone should appreciate.

  4. This election should prove interesting for the new president to make our health care system a more efficient program.  While there are many flaws in the current system, it will require work to fix the existing problems with this program.  With the implementation of any program, it results in large start-up costs; so the idea of fixing the current program or starting a new program will have costs associated with it.  If the initial plan was thought through more carefully, the current program may not have been subject to so much criticism and scrutiny.  But the reality is that in any election year, there will be criticisms to anything relatively new.  It is always easy for the government to allocate and spend lots of tax dollars, but it is hard to convince everyone to want to pay for it.

  5. I also am not yet eighteen and will not be able to vote in this election. I agree with your stance on Trump’s major weakness as scrapping the Affordable Care Act. The Obama administration has fought hard to propose this health care system, and with some adjustments to get rid of the glitches, the ACA could very much so be the effective solution the country has been searching for. I also like how Trump plans to expand mental health care. The cost of prescription drugs and health insurance definitely need to be lowered. Coming from a lower-middle class family I can understand the burden of medical costs. I am also a bit leery of Clinton’s initiative to import drugs, as far as safety, but many countries have drugs to offer that could make a difference and save many lives. Extensive inspection and research would have to be required.

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