Trump vs. Clinton – Health Care Reforms

Trump vs. Clinton – Health Care Reforms

Allowing the purchase of insurance plans across the states can be looked at as one of Trump’s health care plans’ strengths. As the inhibition of buying plans across state lines is removed, competition increases as healthcare providers try to modify their prices to compete with others. That opens up more choices and better prices for consumers and lowers the premium cost.

There are of course some weaknesses in Trump’s plan. His plan to repeal the ACA can lead to serious consequences. The process to “completely repeal Obamacare” will cost the US more than it will save, increasing the federal deficit. It will also leave millions of Americans uninsured. In addition, nowhere in Trump’s plan does it mention individuals with preexisting conditions. If the ACA is repealed (with it the law that bans insurance companies from denying people with preexisting conditions) those individuals have no guarantee of how or even if they will get insurance. We also learned in class about the health care system throughout history and we saw how long it took for legislation to be passed and for the ACA to be created and implemented. It is clear that reforming the health care system is not easy nor fast, so Trump’s plan of repealing the ACA is basically destroying more than 50 years worth of work and starting from nothing. Therefore, I think this part of his plan would be very disruptive for the health care system and is a major weakness.

As opposed to Donald Trump, Hillary plans on keeping and expanding on the ACA which I think is one of her strengths in her health care plans. The country has already been through numerous health care reform attempts to arrive to the implementation of the ACA and building on it makes the most sense. One of her specific reforms is tax credit of $2,500 per person and $5,000 per family which would be applied against the sum of premiums, deductibles and co-payments. This reform makes coverage more affordable for people. Her plan would also increase the number of people with insurance by millions. Clinton also proposes opening up the importation of drugs and pharmaceuticals from abroad which opens up competition which is in favor of the consumers because they get more options and better prices.

On the other hand, even though the strength in Hillary’s reforms is making healthcare more affordable, they are going to cost the government millions if not billions of dollars which adds to the federal deficit. She does say that she will counteract these effects by posing taxes on higher income people but that will not be enough to make up for the expenditures the government is going to make in order to implement all of her plans. Other forms of taxes may be needed to make up for it and that would probably not be supported by the American people.

What do you guys think and what do you feel is a strength and weakness of each of the candidates’ health care plans?

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  1. I would like to politely disagree that Trumps health care plan is a weakness. You stated one of the strengths, opening up with state lines but there are many more financial benefits as well as medical advances that would be able to occur with Trumps plan.
    Because he is disliked for his personality many don’t take the time to actually familiarize themselves with his plans in depth which is why I was ecstatic that we looked into it in class, even though it may have had biases.
    Additionally, we learned in class about a fund for our medical expenses with trumps plan. Many people were shaken up by this but is that not what we do now with health insurance? We put money into our insurance plans each month or year depending on your plan and if you don’t use it, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay next month( i.e.: you loose the money).
    On the other hand, I do agree that this change may cause a disruption in our society but if the plan works accordingly, it will only be temporary.

  2. I feel as if almost none of us are really knowledgable enough to accurately pick apart each candidate’s health care plan (not that anyone has done a poor job, just to clarify!) Yes, we learned an overview of each plan in lecture, however, there is much more to it than that.

    I think regardless of the health care plans, Americans are going to vote for their party or favorite candidate. For the Trump haters, Hillary’s health care plan is basically irrelevant. Same goes for Clinton haters. Yes, there are pros and cons to each health care plan, however, this election is different. We are not voting for health care plans. We are voting for a moral, strong leader to take the place of a good man.

    Many argue that repealing and replacing the ACA is a terrible mistake, to which I agree for the most part. Of course, conservatives cannot wait for the ACA to be destroyed and for a Republican to come up with a genius health care reform.

    For Americans who are comfortable and safe within their health care plans, this issue is also irrelevant. For low-income families, however, this is a huge issue and knowing who to vote for based on personal issues is crucial. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Don’t vote for a party or face. Vote for a plan, a leader, and morality.

    All I know is that I am waking up at 5 a.m Monday morning to see President Obama….HOORAY!!


  3. One thing that isn’t really talked about when it comes to these politicians’ plans is the cost. The main driver behind the reasoning for wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act is how much the plan will cost the government to supply everyone with health care. Obviously, with the act in place, taxes would need to be increased to compensate. However, it is also obvious that the Act is helping people. It is a cost-benefit situation.

    While it is always important to factor in everything that each candidate stands for before you vote for them, I don’t think this election will be determined on who has the best healthcare plan. As someone stated in class, most people will pick “the lesser of two evils.”

  4. I do think that healthcare should cover individuals with pre-existing conditions, but I would inquire about your assertion that the deficit will increase if the ACA is repealed. Clearly, the ACA increases the deficit by increasing government spending for socialized medical programs, hurting the middle-class by increasing premiums, underpaying healthcare professionals, and offering compromised care to the insured.

  5. Although Clinton wishes to strengthen and expand the ACA, it may not be the best option. By funneling more money into health insurance, those who cannot benefit from its existence are forced to pay even more money for their health insurance premiums. Also, the effect that foreign drug trade will have on the country would be detrimental as many drug companies already established in the US would be forced to compete through lowering prices. On the other hand, being able to give women autonomy over their bodies when it comes to situations like abortions preferable.

    Trump’s health care plan sounds worse than Hillary’s but it does have some strong points. Being able to start from scratch by scrapping the ACA would help lay a foundation for a new plan that could potentially benefit a larger part of America. Unfortunately, the price transparency that Trump wants to enforce would cause drug companies to become more competitive. Although this may be good for the country since people would be buying from US drug companies, something similar to a monopoly could develop due to the potential of extreme competition for prices.

  6. I have to agree with you on the topic of biggest weaknesses of the candidates plans. I think Donald Trump’s biggest weakness is he would basically be starting from scratch, as his plan is to repeal Obamacare all together. Assuming that he wins and Congress stays dominated by the Republican party, however, I do think that it is entirely possible that he can implement some of his policies by the time his tenure in the white house is up.

    As for Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses I completely agree that increasing the national debt is a major downfall of her plan. The nation already has astronomical debt as it is, and expanding the ACA would certainly increase it. There is also no way that increasing taxes on the rich would be able to cover the hole that this will create.

    For me, it seems like this is yet another situation in this election where we have to pick what is less bad between the two candidates. There’s no arguing that both candidates have their downsides and their upsides in just about every aspect of their personalities, campaigns, and plans for our country. On the topic of health care policies, both candidates have strengths and weaknesses, and for voters, their decision will come down to what things they think are less important and more important and what things they are willing to give up and what they are not.

  7. I agree that Trump’s plan on a way to increase competition by doing away with state lines for insurance plans is a god way to increase competition. The increase will help to drive down prices from the insurance companies and hopefully keep the cost of insurance down for the regular American. Yet, there are parts of Trumps plan that are concerning. Trump states that he would like to repeal the ACA in his first day of presidency. Yet, the repeal of this legislation would also repeal the many personal protections that Americans have such as the ban on rescission, acceptance with preexisting conditions, and first dollar preventative care. The full repeal of the ACA, as trump promises, is concerning because this would eliminate our current basis for healthcare and would have large effects on the healthcare field as a whole.
    A strength of Clinton’s plan is that she would like to lower the price of healthcare by introducing a public option in healthcare. A public option is healthcare through the government. The healthcare through the government could be a good tactic to lower the cost of healthcare through competition but it does come with some concerns. In most parts of Clintons plan the issue of cost is something that seems to not be talked about much. The cost of these healthcare programs will be something that will, most likely become the burden of the US taxpayer. This cost is something that is concerning for many people in the United States and is a large flaw in Clintons plan.
    While people are most likely not going to base their final decision off of what the candidate will do in the field of health insurance reform but this is a large time for health insurance and the possible future of the ACA.

  8. I agree with you that a big downfall of Trump’s plan is to get rid of the ACA. Honestly, it would be detrimental to the health care of this country. People who just got coverage will now be without it again. And like you said, it takes a long time for major health care reform to take place. Whatever Trump plans to do, he won’t be able to get done during his presidency, and if the next president wants to do something different, we’ll just keep going back to square one over and over again, leaving millions without coverage.

    I think allowing people to purchase health care across state lines is an interesting concept and I’d like to learn more about it and the pros and cons it has.

    As for Hillary’s plan, I really like the idea of a tax credit to help with deductibles, co-pays, etc. I know those can be a big burden for people and families. However, I’m not sure how I feel about importing drugs from other countries. If it allows patients to purchase their prescriptions at a lower price, that’s awesome. And if it increases competition between companies, even better. However, what if the prices are so low that it effectively rules out competition and out-sells American companies to the point where they are no longer making a profit or have to stop producing their product. Now we’re disrupting American business and that’s the opposite of what we want. I think we need to focus on bringing back jobs and manufacturing to America before we start getting more things from other countries.

    I agree that increasing the national debt is pretty much the last thing any of us want to do. However, with any plan, we’re going to have to spend money to make money, so why not spend it on a plan that is effective, well thought out, and will positively benefit all Americans?

  9. I strongly agree with you on the points you made about the weaknesses with Trump’s plan. The progress made for quality, affordable healthcare hasn’t come easy and somebody like Trump wants to turn his back to the progress made by members of both parties and essentially bringing our country back in time. I also agree with Emily Sukert that I think sometimes people are too emotional with their decision on who to vote for and could instantly dismiss a candidate based on what they say instead of actually looking at what the candidate plans to implement when in office. Mr. Trump’s plan does have a lot of weaknesses (understatement?) but I do agree with the doing away of state lines for the sake of increasing competitive rates.
    I think Secretary Clinton’s plan has more strengths than Mr. Trump’s and that simply comes with her experience. She has admitted that the ACA is flawed and plans on making improvements on it and I agree with you Elsy, that is a large strength to her plan!

  10. I agree with you about the weaknesses of Trump’s healthcare reform plan. His plan does not include reforms that will help Americans of a lower socioeconomic status but instead it will be helping people of middle or upper class standings. Also, his plan to make drug companies be transparent about their prices is one that will not help many people because it will not change or facilitate peoples abilities to afford or have access to what they need. Also, starting a new healthcare plan from scratch may not be feasible for him considering how much time was put into the ACA. However, I also find the idea of being able to purchase healthcare across state lines is an interesting idea and could have positive effects on our nation.

    On the other hand, I think that Hillary wants to build upon the ACA is something that will be beneficial to America. Also, I find the fact that she wants to allocate more resources to research instead of advertising very smart. I believe that with more resources the medical research community will take great strides to finding beneficial treatments for different illnesses. While I support most of the aspects of her healthcare reform plan, I think that her plan may have a negative effect on the economy and this concept should be further investigated.

  11. Trump and Clinton have some interesting ideas for the health care reforms if one of them is elected into office for the presidential seat. Trump was looking to open up healthcare across all states so this way healthcare providers have to adjust their plans and costs. In doing this, this will lead to a decrease in the cost of healthcare and better choices for the citizens to choose from. Consumers will then be happy. A con would be that he wants to remove the ACA completely and start something new. This can be terrible because the ACA took forever to pass and now he will throw it away and we have no idea what he will replace it with; if he will even replace it. As for Clinton, I have to agree with what you said because the pharmaceutical idea is very smart and can help people save money, but a con such as making healthcare more affordable can lead to a greater federal debt.

  12. With the upcoming election, the country is going to see many changes, regardless of who becomes elected. Whether you believe Hillary’s plan is better than Trump’s plan or vice versa, they will both have an effect on the health care system. These changes will directly impact each of us as both future health care providers and consumers. I personally am not a huge fan of the ACA and think that it has a lot of problems so the idea of Hillary expanding upon it makes me nervous. On the other hand, I do not think that throwing away all the positive progress we have made is the best plan either. I do not feel like I can particularly say which is “better” because I am not very knowledgable. Nevertheless, as Grant said above, I believe it is important for us to all go out tomorrow and vote for who we think will best serve our country. I think it is very important, in this election specifically, to try to look beyond the lines of the political parties and look at both candidates objectively.

  13. I agree that one of the biggest issues with Hillary’s health care plan is that it is going to be incredibly expensive for the government to fund. That means that they are either going to have to borrow money or, the more likely scenario, raise taxes significantly. Another issue I could see with her plan is that, while I do believe a government funded health care system will be beneficial in expanding health care to all people, it could take its tole on private businesses. Many people may just transfer to the government plan if it is cheaper or they just trust the plan more, which is of course a smart thing for those individuals to do. However, this could cripple private insurance companies, potentially putting a lot of people out of work. For the most part though, Hillary’s plan is convenient and well thought out. Meanwhile, Trump’s plan seems to be a bit more risky. By scrapping Obamacare altogether, he could potentially be setting United States Healthcare reform backwards if he does not find another way to expand coverage.

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