Trump vs. Clinton – Health Care Reforms

Trump vs. Clinton – Health Care Reforms

With the 2016 Presidential Election getting closer, it is very important for HSSPers to get to know both candidates’ strategies and their strengths and weaknesses, especially in the health care aspect. Based on what we talked about in class on Thursday, I think one of the strengths of Hillary Clinton’s health care policy is that her plan is basically maintaining and building upon the Affordable Care Act, which means it is relatively secure comparing to Trump’s plan of replaceing ACA with a completely new health care plan. Since many people already know the content of ACA somehow and understand how it works, it might also be easier to improve it base on the strengths and weaknesses it has now. The weaknesses of Clinton’s plan might be drug importation. It is understandable that the intention of this policy is to make up the problem that some drugs could hardly be found in America. However, importing drugs abroad could be really risky if the safety and quality standard is not settled well enough. According to what I researched online, I did not see a very good way to solve this problem in Clinton’s health care plan. Thus, this is the weakness I am worried about the most.

One of the weaknesses in Trump’s plan is what I talked about before, that he wants to replace ACA with a completely new plan, which is kind of risky. Although there is a lot of criticisms about ACA, it still works fine right now and there is no guarantee that another health care plan could be just as good as it is. The strength of Trump’s plan might be his enforcement of getting rid of the state barrier and encouraging more competition. ACA is being criticized the most because of its high price, and free market strategy might be helpful to lower the price of health insurance.

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates’ health care plans?

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  1. Clinton has a fairly strong plan. She will keep and improve the ACA. The ACA has improved healthcare dramatically and completely repealing it would be a mistake. Her agenda also includes protecting the reproductive rights of women, which is a crucial issue in my opinion. Reducing the cost of prescription drugs is also important. CEO’s such as Martin Shkreli increased the cost of a life-saving drug often used to treat HIV/AIDS by 4,000 percent overnight. In more recent news the CEO of Mylan, the creator of the lifesaving allergy shot EpiPen, had a pay raise of over 600 percent as the price of the drug increased 400 percent. I find this to be one of the BIGGEST issues in healthcare. This corporate greed is contributing to the unnecessary deaths of Americans who rely on these drugs. I think one of Clinton’s biggest weakness is her plan to allow foreign drugs into the American market. I believe this would hurt American jobs and create job loss.

    Trump has not commented on the price hikes of prescription drugs, and I believe this to be his biggest weakness. This along with trying to repeal the ACA is very risky. However, he does have a few good aspects to his plan. The option to sell your insurance plan out of state would make the market more competitive. He would also require health care providers to be completely transparent on pricing, which would make the health care market more competitive.

    Overall, I agree with Clinton’s policies more so than Trumps. As improvements in healthcare often take years to make, repealing the ACA would be a step backwards. I believe this is Trumps’s biggest weakness, and causes me to be a Clinton supporter on the issue of health care.

  2. With the election at the doorstep, I agree that it is important for students to understand the different strategies both candidates have for healthcare. I believe Hillary’s plan to work off of the current ACA is a major strength considering presidents have worked for decades to pass something like the ACA. I find Donald’s intentions to end the ACA and start from scratch unrealistic and risky. His current plan is still relatively unclear and I think he is underestimating the difficulty of passing such an intricate Act. His plan is advantageous in terms of of his plan to reform mental health programs and institutions. Another benefit trump brings is his proposal to require price transparency from providers. This is huge because it allows customers to shop around and compare options better. Clinton’s plan does not state how they are going to handle the rising cost of prescription drug costs. She states that she is going to lower them but she has no plan for how she will attack it.

  3. There are many strengths and weaknesses to each candidates policies. Personally I think Trump’s idea of starting totally new from what is already in play for the United States is a reckless move. Although he disagrees with a lot of the aspects of Obamacare and the ACA, he should still keep the foundation of it to help him succeed. Clinton wants to expand upon the plans and I think this is smart. Each candidate has different thoughts for the country that can benefit different people in different ways.

  4. Both candidates do, indeed, have strengths in their health care plans and they each have big weaknesses as well. Like others have said, I think Clinton’s plan to import drugs from other countries could possibly be unsafe and could hurt the United States drug- producing companies. This portion of her plan could take a long inspection and approval process. However, if these drugs can prevent or cure diseases better than U.S. drugs, the wait could be worth it.

    Trump’s plan to repeal the ACA is perilous but many republicans want to repeal the ACA because it is costing quite a lot of money. In this aspect, his plan might be attractive to his party. If he has a bigger & better plan in mind, the risk could be worth the reward. However, it could take many years to form and put into action like the ACA did.

    Both plans have pros and cons and I think it was helpful to respectfully discuss them in class this week.

  5. Each candidate’s healthcare policy has its own pros and cons. I agree that Clinton’s plan to build on the current ACA is a major strength. Even though ACA is not perfect, it does represent a huge step in healthcare reform. Completely repealing ACA will undo all the progress and inevitably harm many people who rely on ACA. Besides, Trump’s plan to get rid of ACA seems more like a political decision rather than a well –thought-of decision for reforming the healthcare system.
    On the other hand, Trump’s healthcare policy does have some advantages. His plan to encourage the competition between insurance companies may be an effective way to drive down premium costs. There is, however, a lack of details about how he’s going to expand the access to healthcare services and how he’s going to decrease the uninsured rates.
    Overall, I believe that Clinton’s plan focuses more on the protection of insurance buyers’ rights, whereas Trump’s plan focuses more on the business aspect of health insurances. Either way, the future of America’s healthcare system depends on this upcoming election.

  6. As in most scenarios, there are strengths and weaknesses to take into consideration with both Candidates health care plans. For future health care professionals, I feel it is our jobs to be knowledgeable on these topics so that we can vote wisely. Considering your question as to the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, I’ll start with Trump’s plan.

    The strengths of his plan come from his desire to make health care costs more transparent. He wants companies to provide more information so that consumers are able to make better choices. I find this idea to be very good, especially since healthcare costs can become so high without a patient understanding what they’re paying for. I also like that he wants to reform mental health programs since these issues are prominent in so many Americans. His weaknesses stem from his inability to disconnect our health policies with his business tactics. In a section addressing Medicaid, he suggests that creating jobs will lessen the need for the program ignoring the fact that many people who receive the aid are disabled and can not work.

    Clinton’s strengths stem from her deciding to develop the ACA like you previously mentioned. I think the ACA benefited so many people and I would like to see how it could develop over the years. I also like that she has plans to protect reproductive rights and the health of those who are not legal citizens. I believe these groups are commonly ignored when it comes to health care so I support her pushing to give them rights. However, her plan to decrease the cost of drugs does not seem realistic in a time where health care costs are steadily increasing due to more and more people developing chronic illnesses.

    I am interested to see how the candidate’s plans for health care reform will play out depending on who is elected president. I hope that we do not delete the progress we have made as a nation towards more cost-effective, efficient, available healthcare in the past few years.

  7. No plan is perfect so when taking into account both Donald Trump’s and Hilary Clinton’s health care plans, we should already know that there are going to be strengths and weakness. Similar to mbrahm’s idea, I think that Donald Trump is overly confident in the change he plans to accomplish by repealing the affordable care act. The fact that it took several decades to even pass the ACA doesn’t help Trump’s plan to totally start from scratch. I’m not going to lie, I have a biased against Trump, but I honestly think that Clinton’s approach to Health Care is more stable, due to the fact that she will be build on the existing ACA. One strength for Hillary’s plan, in my opinion, is that she wants to provide health care for Undocunmented immigrants, which I believe would be a great thing addition to the ACA because it would help low-income, undocumented immagrents get the health care they may need ignorer to improve their standard of living. Ultimately, change will come to health care, in some form or another, in the near future.

  8. As already mentioned, a major strength to Clinton’s healthcare proposals is that it builds on the ACA and attempts to fix its deficiencies. Clinton plan would provide insurance to many of those who were previously deemed ineligible, as well as to reduce the health care cost. She plans to add a tax credit for those whose out of pocket spending on healthcare exceeds 5% of their total income. With this enacted, low to middle income earners will save significantly more on insurance. However, her plan doesn’t address the problem of rising premium costs and her plan will create a heavier burden on federal finances.

    On the other hand, Trump plans to base his health care vision on the free market. He proposed tax deductions, which would benefit high-income earners while leaving lower income earners unable to afford coverage. He also proposed to allow sales of insurance across state borders and to repeal the ACA and its many reforms; this would increase out-of-pocket spending and would again raise the number of uninsured low-income earners while benefitting higher income earners who already have insurance.

    The two candidates have very different visions for America regarding its healthcare, it will be interesting to see with the coming election the path America will take as the new president assumes office.

  9. After the lecture in class and looking further into the healthcare plans of both candidates, I like Hillary Clinton’s plan better than Donald Trump. I think the fact that Donald Trump wants to completely eliminate the Affordable Care Acting is doing nothing but setting us back fifty years. I like how Hillary Clinton is planning to continue to Affordable Care Acts and iron out all the wrinkles.

    I also think that the plan of importing cheaper drugs is not a weakness to any of their plans because of the contingency that all imported drugs are of equal or better quality than our drugs. This is simply a smart economic play because it is evident that the world price on many of the drugs we use is lower than the domestic price.

    Overall, I think a Trump victory will be setting us back in terms of our progress in establishing national healthcare while a Clinton victory will keep us on track.

  10. In my opinion, Clinton’s health care plans would be more stable compared to Trump’s plans. She is building upon the ACA which already exists while Trump has to start from level one. What I got from the lecture on Thursday, Trump looks like he doesn’t have a solid, concrete plan for improving health care. Clinton also has an unclear plan for somethings such as the rising cost of prescription drugs. I think that if Trump becomes president, he is not going to focus on health care as much as other problems. I agree that since we already know how the ACA works, it is easier to build upon it. However there are still some weaknesses to her plan. She wants to import drugs from other countries. I do not know a lot about economics but I think this would hurt American job opportunities and create job loss. Both candidates have pros and cons, but I think that Hillary’s plan will have better results than Trump’s.

  11. I agree that Clinton has more to work with in the form of healthcare. She can build off of the basis that Obama created in the form of the ACA. Clinton also shares the idea with me that healthcare is a right for all people. I feel Hillary will fill in the blank spaces that Obamacare has right now, and it will become a more polished idea. Although I disagree with many of Trump’s other policies, I agree with the idea that competition will drive prices down. Even though I feel Trump’s policies will create a lower overall price in healthcare, it will leave out the people that need healthcare the most (there is little help for the elderly, disabled, etc.) even if Trump’s plan is more cost-efficient, it will fail to provide to people who need healthcare, which Clinton’s plan will, Therefore, Clinton’s plan is more logical in my opinion.

  12. With elections coming up in a couple of days, it was great timing for us to discuss them in class this past week, especially for many of those who weren’t too familiar with the candidate’s views / plans. With any election, candidates always carry both pros and cons and it’s up to us to decide who we align ourselves most closely towards in terms of beliefs / successfulness / long-term benefits, etc.

    I agree that a major strength that Clinton has proposed is to build upon and improve the Affordable Cart Act in contrast to Trump’s plan to completely repeal the ACA. The ACA has already benefited the lives of many and will continue to carry its success over the years. Additionally, we can’t forget the fact that it took decades to even pass the act to begin with, and with Trump’s plan to completely start from the beginning will only bring drastic instability to the lives of millions.

    Another strength in Hillary’s plan is to provide health care for undocumented immigrants, which would be a great expansion to the Affordable Cart Act- in terms of helping lower-income families and undocumented workers receive care to improve their living standards. It’s these small, incremental steps that will bring about great changes to health care in the very near future. Yet we also learned that Trump’s plan to require health care providers to be completely transparent on pricing, and the option to sell out-of-state insurance plans would both help make the market more competitive. The strength of this would help consumers make better choices and become more informed about the high costs they are consistently paying for.

    Both candidates carry very different plans for America, but overall I believe Hillary’s plan will be much safer and will carry better long-term results compared to Trump’s.

  13. I agree that Trump’s plan to completely get rid of the Affordable Care Act and start over is very risky. The ACA has helped a lot of people already and had been in place for a couple years now. Although, many people may not agree with it, it had been beneficial to our country. Donald Trump’s plan to begin a new plan makes many people be without healthcare and there is no guarantee that this plan will work or be better than the ACA. Hillary Clinton’s plan to build upon and improve the ACA provides a greater assurance that healthcare benefits will stay in place and/or be improved upon.
    Although Trump’s plan does have the major weakness of starting over, he does have a couple strengths in his plan such as increasing competition, like you said. This will be done by allowing health insurance sales across state lines and therefore decrease health insurance prices because of the increased competition.
    I also wanted to point out another strength with Hillary’s plan which is her plan for women’s and reproductive healthcare. Trump doesn’t mention these things in his plan so it is unclear how these will be addressed but Hillary states that she will defend reproductive health, which is especially beneficial to women. It provides a more inclusive healthcare plan in my opinion.

  14. With all HSSPers going into some sort of health care field, I think it’s very important for us to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of both candidate’s of this upcoming election, health care plans. Clinton’s plan to expand the ACA and build off of it , I agree, is one of the strengths. She already has a good, effective health care plan that she can work with because of Obama. This base can help us easily make improvements where needed in the ACA.
    I can also understand why her drug importation could be a weakness. The risk of unsafe drugs coming into our country and being used is what i feel is a weakness, but I am hoping that we will find a reliable regulation/safety system for the drugs being imported.

    As for Trump’s health care plan, I believe that being about to still insurance out of state could be a strength, because like many mentioned, competition will increase and this could lower the price of health insurance. For weaknesses, getting rid of the ACA “on day 1”, is what comes to my mind right away. Getting rid of this health care plan built up over the years leaves Trump with nothing to work with and to try to create a WHOLE new health care plan from scratch…

  15. I personally find the similarities between Trump and Clinton’s proposed health care plans interesting, given that Trump and Hillary have been at each other’s throats for the better part of 2016. Both want to increase the importing of drugs and medicine from outside the United States. Although it is true that allowing more cost-effective drugs could improve health care for the people, many may have an issue with intentionally bringing in competition to American drugs and pharmaceutical companies. However, as has been noted, importing cheaper drugs would drive business competition, and as a result, the market price for such drugs would decrease. However, Trump’s plan to start anew by ending the ACA would waste valuable time that could be used to improve it and fix its flaws.

  16. I agree that the strength of Clinton’s health care plan is that she is building on the Affordable Care Act. Repealing it and starting over is far too risky and would be a step in the wrong direction. It would be far easier, faster, and more beneficial to build on what we already have, rather than undergoing a potentially century long process to pass another health care reform bill. Trump’s plan to repeal and restart would take too much time and would likely not pass for decades upon decades to come. Trump really doesn’t have a very solid plan overall in comparison to Clinton, additionally. He has outlined little details for many of his plans, including health care, and that makes me nervous for the ways in which his vision of health care systems would be realized without a solid plan. If Trump was able to provide a more complete and comprehensive health care plan, I would be much less concerned with the way his policies would turn out if elected. I do like his idea of increasing competition across state lines. I think that if competition can be increased, prices will inevitably be driven down for medication cost, which would be a massive relief to millions of Americans.

  17. For me personally, I get the feeling that Trump has a disjointed plan for Health Care that lacks a proper aim or focus. He has said that he wants to repeal the ACA completely without specifying what he would do to make a new and better health care plan. To me that seems like a waste of years of hard work to get the ACA passed. On the other hand, people who are unsatisfied with the current state of health care may be unhappy with Clinton’s complacency with the ACA. It is fairly clear that Clinton plans on continuing what President Obama started, making little or no adjustments to the ACA in its present form. This may trouble those who have struggled under the current health care policies. Even if Clinton did want to make changes, it would be difficult to do so with a likely Republican majority in Congress. Trump would have a much easier time getting things passed through Congress which may lead to faster and more significant changes.

  18. I agree with you that Clinton’s plan to build on the already existing Affordable Care Act is a strength to her health care plan. The ACA has been built over the last few decades and allows everyone access to health care. However, I disagree that a weakness to her plan includes the importation of drugs. I feel like the safety of these drugs could possibly be tested in the United States to ensure the quality of the products if there were any worries. And overall, I think it would greatly increase competition and help lower the price of drugs that have been monopolized and overpriced in the States.

    As for Donald Trump, I agree that his plan to tear down the ACA and start anew is a big weakness for his health care plan. I also think that his plan for everyone to have a Health Savings Account is another weakness for his health care plan. While that plan may be beneficial to some wealthy people, it may not be practical for some and may even prevent people in the lower class from getting the health services they may need.

  19. I personally believe that health care in the past several decades has shown a trend towards becoming more accessible to all. The ACA is the closest we have ever been to having an entire country able to afford health care. I believe that if Trump follows through with destroying the ACA and making something new, that he will have thrown away decades of this hard work. Successful health care policy isn’t something that can be created in four years. If he becomes president, I am afraid that he will not have enough time or power to be able to replace the ACA with something better. Clinton wants to improve upon the ACA. She wants to lower prescription costs, expand coverage, and decrease cost. I believe that she would be more successful in doing so, because she will be expanding on something that is already there. If Clinton is president, then the worst thing that can happen is the ACA will remain where it is today. If Trump becomes president, we may end up with a country in which it is extremely difficult for people to get the health care they need.

  20. Before I came to lecture on Thursday I had a set plan as to who I would vote for. My decision came from my race and the sex that I identify as. However, after the lecture, I do not know who to vote for. Both candidates, in my opinion, have their flaws. One wants to build upon the existing ideas of the ACA, whereas, the other wants to start new. I can see the benefits and downfalls of starting new. What if his new plan is wonderful, but what if it doesn’t work . No one can know for sure if Trump’s plan will work because he has not released it. Clinton’s plan will cut out the middle man when it comes to prescription drugs and Trump will allow people to create a kind of 401K for health care. I like Donalds 401K for health care because you only put in the amount of money that you might use.

  21. Tomorrow is election day and I am extremely excited to get to participate in my first election. I am not as much excited about the candidates I have to choose from but the fact of getting my opinion voiced is what matters. There are downfalls to both sides of the equation when considering Trump’s Healthcare plan and Clinton’s Healthcare plan. I personally agree with Clinton’s plan to take Obama’s ACA and improve from it hence the fact that i am a big fan of not trying to fix something that is not broken. Trump ,on the other hand ,is trying to scrap the idea of Obama’s ACA and innovate an entirely new plan. Don’t try to run our nation like a business because not every aspect of your life needs to be changed and innovated. supporting Trump may result in a major problem for our families because it may result in a nation where it is unnecessarily difficult to get the Healthcare that is needed to survive. EVERYONE GO VOTE!!! your vote matters just as much as everyone else.

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