Trump v. Hilary: Who knows health care?

Trump v. Hilary: Who knows health care?

This election has come down to two, polar opposite, candidates. Both seem to vehemently attack each other in a battle of wits, without really describing their own policies and views. This weeks lecture really allowed me to see what both candidates have to offer in terms of health care.

First lets look at Hilary’s plan for the future of U.S. health care. She hopes to keep the ACA in place, while expanding some of it where applicable. A big point in her plan is to make a “public option” available. She is going to push for lower health care costs, especially when it comes to prescription drugs, copays, and deductibles. She also wants to expand access of healthcare for those incapable of affording rising costs. Lastly she is really pushing for more funding for community health centers to boost the availability and quality of primary care services. These are all great things to strive for but personally I feel like they’re a bit unreasonable. First, opening foreign drug companies to sell their products in the U.S. is not as easy as it sounds. The FDA takes quite a while to do full reports on products, for example, the FDA still has took multiple years come out with a formal report on E-cigarettes or Vape pens, think how long it will take drugs to get approved, the standards of other countries differ greatly from ours. Also I feel like that once drugs are allowed to be sold within the U.S., it will drive U.S. based drug companies to compete and possibly lose profits against lower priced foreign drugs. The major issue and weakness of her plan is regarding the sustainability. She wants to increase funding in some areas while providing free care in others. How will her plan sustain itself and how long will it last a system where funds are going to spent more than created? I understand she plans to raise taxes, but will that be enough? Healthcare isn’t going to be the only place tax money is going to used, if anything it’s just a small part. Hilary has some great plans for this country but how will she follow through with it, and seeing the ACA already starting to have some issues (i.e. the rise in health care costs this coming year, drastic increase), will she be able to keep her plan afloat?

Now on to Mr. Trump and his plan for health care. The biggest part of his plan is the fact that he plans to completely repeal the ACA. Also he wants to allow insurance companies to pay across state lines to increase competition. He is also am avid supporter of having people get HSA’s, especially younger, healthy, people. Like Hilary, he wants price transparency so consumers can “shop around” for the best deal. Also similar to Hilary, he wants to allow the import of foreign drugs to drive competition up. Trump, however, does not want to give healthcare to immigrants. Regarding medicaid, he would block-grant medicaid for each state as he feels each states knows their people best. Trump has a much weaker plan in the sense that it really isn’t a fully formed package. Not to say he wouldn’t have a better game plan later on, but currently this is more a skeleton plan than anything, so there is not as much to work with compared to Hilary. He shares some similar ideas with her, like opening the export of drugs and price transparency. The price transparency is something I can agree with, as some insurance companies will charge much more for the same procedure than others and consumers should be able to weigh their options. When it comes to the complete dissolution of the ACA (please be aware this is my opinion) I see that as a strength. The current ACA tried to accomplish too much in such a short period of time. People want things as quick as possible in today’s society and the ACA promised so much but is becoming a bigger problem than solution. It has some good parts that I seriously think are awesome, but as a whole it cannot function. By dissolving the ACA we would have the opportunity to take it slow and work on things piece by piece, not rush into something problematic. However I think his ideas on open drug import is a weakness for the same reason as stated with Hilary. The weakness of his plan overall is the fact that it centers completely around getting rid of the ACA, but what happens after that? He really hasn’t created a major plan to replace it. Trump is using shock and awe by talking about removing the ACA but really does not talk about where we go from there, and for that reason I really question what health care would really look like under him.

Which candidate has the better plan for the future of American Health care? Is one plan completely perfect, without flaw? What is something that these plans are missing in your opinion?

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  1. Wow, you did such a good job at regurgitating everything in the lecture. I might as well not have gone and just read your whole blog post. Obviously any plan is not going to be flawless and perfect. That is such a joke at this point. I think something that these plans are missing are a true heart. A real genius. A hero of our time, Leslie Knope. But on a side note, I’m no politician, I’m no health care management robot, so I can’t say what they’re missing because I don’t know. I haven’t gotten my check ups in 5 years. That was a lie, but it adds to the point a little if it were true. Let us all just be nice and no one better or above anyone else.

  2. I found this blog post to be particularly thought provoking and well written, so chapeau my friend. A huge plus to Hillary Clinton’s plan is the fact that she wants to build upon the Affordable Care Act and not ditch it completely even though it has legitimate and costly shortcomings. I agree that probably the biggest weakness of Hillary’s plan is that it sounds highly unsustainable. She wants to do things that require lots of money and yet raising taxes can only do so much to fund her plans; not even mentioning the fact that this means there would be a raise in taxes and thus less money in peoples’ pockets to pay for what they need. However, I think the idea from both Hillary and Trump of removing free market entry barriers for drug providers seems to be behind the assumption that the increase of suppliers will drive down the price of such drugs that people need due to free market economics, which would be a great achievement. I do not consider this to be a weakness, but rather a strength, that both candidates partially agree on an issue that would help all Americans. A plus on the side of Donald Trump is how he wants to increase price transparency and free market competition in order to allow buyers (Americans) the ability to choose exactly what kind of plan they want and see what they’re getting, giving them much more flexibility. His emphasis seems to be on lessening the federal government’s hand in peoples’ lives regarding health care through increasing competition of health care providers by allowing sales across state lines and thus lowering the prices and increasing consumer satisfaction. Trump’s greatest drawback, agreeably, is his plan to completely dismantle the Affordable Care Act and his lack of detailed planning for what to do afterwards. The ACA has its huge benefits as a piece of legislation, but as you said, promised too much in too short of a time and became its own ruining due to unsustainability. Donald will have to start over after taking away the product of 70 years of health care reform, which would be fine if he really does end up having something better. However, he has failed to explain exactly what that “better” piece of legislation would be. Either way this election swings on Tuesday, it is sure to be one heck of ride for the next four years.

  3. First, this is a really well-written blog post!
    I personally agree with Hillary’s health care plans more than Donald’s because I just believe that it would take too much time to start from scratch if the ACA didn’t exist, and that plan is already implemented in such a solid ground that it will definitely create a big change that many people are going to be mad about. I don’t like that Donald is planning to get rid of planned-parenthood. That institution is very beneficial, and it is helping many women in the world. There’s definitely not a perfect plan because not everything is guaranteed, but Hillary’s plan is definitely more attainable.

  4. In my opinion, out of both candidate’s health care ideas, Clinton has the more reasonable plan. While both candidate’s health care plans are not flawless, Clinton’s surely has the one that will do more harm than good. I agree with what you said about how reasonable Clinton’s plan would be and how the health care system would sustain itself. Certainly what she hopes to accomplish won’t be an easy task, but her goals for the health care system, if reached, will improve the system immensely.

    However, Trump’s idea to completely rid the ACA and prevent immigrants from receiving health care has no one’s best interests at all. In my perspective, he is allowing his strong dislike for certain people, such as minorities and the current president, hinder his ideas on what is best for the nation. Completely destroying the ACA and staring a brand new health care system is a little far fetched and will likely prevent any current progression occurring in our health care system.

  5. To me it is clear that Hillary Clinton’s plans to expand the ACA are much better for America’s future than the bare bones plans the Trump has laid out. Although I agree with much of what you’ve said, I find the statement that “once drugs are allowed to be sold within the U.S., it will drive U.S. based drug companies to compete and possibly lose profits against lower priced foreign drugs” as a huge plus rather than a drawback as you’ve stated. A large purpose of allowing foreign drugs come to the US is this precise reason; wouldn’t you want cheaper drugs on the counters too? Isn’t capitalism all about competition? I fail to see how reducing the profits of companies that in the past have increased the price of medications ridiculous and unnecessary amounts could in any way be considered bad. As a solid example, perhaps you’ve heard the story of the ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli, who bought the AIDS medication and jacked up the prices by more than 5000% (increasing the price from $13.50 to $750 per tablet). This, among other examples, provides clear evidence that the medication market in the United States is becoming corrupt. Under Donald Trump’s plan, repealing the ACA could easily lead to worsening corruption, more denied treatments for citizens with pre-existing conditions, and wider disparity between healthcare access for the wealthy and poor. Hillary understands the need for equity, especially in the arena of healthcare, while Trump would set out to destroy it.

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