The Healthcare Policies of Clinton and Trump

The Healthcare Policies of Clinton and Trump

In this week’s lecture, we reflected on both presidential candidates’ health care plans as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

First, Hillary Clinton wants defend and expand the ACA by making a “public option” available and allowing people 55 years or older to buy into Medicare. She also wants to decrease out-of-pocket costs as well as prescription drug costs. She wants to stop direct-to-consumer advertising subsidies and reinvest those funds in research. In addition, she would require drug companies with taxpayer support to invest in research instead of marketing. She also wants to import drugs from abroad (safely and with quality). She wants to expand Medicaid to affect low-income people, immigrants regardless of their status, and rural Americans. Finally, she wants to defend access to reproductive health and double the funding for community health centers.

One major strength of Clinton’s plan is that she already has a platform to build off of (the ACA). She doesn’t have to start from scratch. In addition, her expansion of Medicare/Medicaid would allow a lot more people to become insured. One weakness of Clinton’s plan is that she doesn’t really explain how she is to go about “cracking down the rising of prescription drug prices.”

Donald Trump wants to start by repealing the ACA completely and replacing it with a legislation that follows “free market principles.” He claims that this would broaden access and make healthcare more affordable and higher quality. He also wants to allow health insurance sales across state lines, fully deductible health insurance premiums, and Health Savings Accounts (particularly for young healthy people). He also wants to remove free market entry barriers for drug providers that offer safe, reliable, and cheaper products. Her wants to enforce immigration laws and restrict visas to stop providing care to undocumented immigrants (currently costs $11 billion annually). Finally, he wants to reform mental health programs and institutions.

Donald Trump’s plan on repealing the ACA could be very harmful to patients and to people who could have their health insurance taken away. He stated that he would replace Obamacare with a different legislation, but he hasn’t really explained what this new legislation would consist of. In addition, his plan on restricting visas to stop providing health care to undocumented immigrants is unethical and would be difficult to garner enough political support. However, one major strength of his health care policy is the reformation of mental health programs and institutions (although he hasn’t really stated how he would go about this).

What do you think are some strengths and/or weaknesses about either candidates’ healthcare policies?

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  1. I think both candidates present interesting views on how the health care system should run in America and both ideas have the same strengths and weaknesses.
    I think that both the biggest strength and biggest weakness in Hillary’s plan is that it builds upon existing legislation. Because Clinton’s plan builds upon the Affordable Care Act, changes in the health care system will be smaller than if that Act was repealed. The hope is that Clinton would improve on the ACA and I think many of the ideas she has, if executed well, would indeed make the ACA better. These include expanding access to rural households and allowing for safe, proven foreign drugs. Unfortunately, the ACA has proven to have many flaws and the biggest weakness in Clinton’s plan is that she is attempting to build on an imperfect (though not totally broken) system. Unless a lot of the major components of the ACA are scrapped (e.g. a weak individual mandate), I feel that positive changes made by Clinton’s presidency would be limited.
    Similarly, both the biggest strength and weakness in Trump’s plan is that Trump plans on repealing the ACA. If he were able to do so, the future of American health care would be very open. This opportunity could turn out great, or it could be disastrous. The biggest problem, in my opinion, with the Affordable Care Act has been that health care providers have been withdrawing from the exchanges set up by the ACA. This year, in five states, people will only have one option for health care through the exchanges. Trump’s plan would allow for more competition among health insurance providers and reduce premium costs. I think a lot of the ideas that Trump has for health care are good and would certainly be an improvement of the ACA; however, with so many competing interests with strong lobbying influence, I fear that a full repeal of the ACA would only result in a system worse than our current one.

  2. I agreed that Clinton’s plans to reform the already passed ACA would be more beneficial than Trump’s plans to repeal it. Starting from scratch will take a long time and may even harmful to the people. On the other hand, Clinton has plans to allow the import of drugs from abroad. Her goals of doing so are to increase competition, allow more options, which in turn can drive down costs. Although she wants to do so safely and with quality, the imported drugs may be dangerous, and it is possible that drug costs in the US will drop to a disadvantageous level.

  3. I also think that their different views are interesting, and neither one are completely right or completely wrong. Both candidates present valid points that should be addressed(Clinton-cost of prescription drugs, Trump-mental health programs). However, I do think the benefit of Clinton’s plan by not repealing the ACA would be more achievable because she would not be starting from scratch. This would not allow health insurance companies to adopt the same policies they had before by denying people health insurance, charging women higher premiums, and not covering basic prevention services. Both candidates have expressed interest in importing drugs from other countries, but I would like to hear more about how they are going to do that safely and with high quality. I can see problems arising from that with people trying to import drugs that will not be used for prescriptions, or something like that.

  4. Looking at the history of healthcare reform and the many challenges that it has faced, I believe that it is clear that it will be much more beneficial to have the ACA to build off of rather than completely disregarding it and starting over. While I think that the ACA has its problems, I think that Clinton’s plan to expand off of it is much more sound than Trump’s plan. What I think is a strength of Clinton’s plan is her plan to proposal to crack down on drug companies, like making them invest more in research rather than consumer marketing. Both sides also expressed interest in plans to allow drugs to come from abroad, which I think could be very beneficial for the high prices we see today.

  5. I feel that both Clinton and Trump have fairly decent plans for health care.
    I do like Trump’s idea of repealing the ACA and providing universal health care for all in theory, but I feel that Clinton’s plan for reformation will be more effective.
    One major part of Clinton’s plan that I am a proponent of is her plan to eliminate drug company spending on advertisements. I think it is ridiculous that drug companies charge citizens so much for their products (due to high research costs) when these expenses can be cut by eliminating drug advertisements.
    I also like that Clinton is planning on importing drugs from abroad. This will make needed drugs much more accessible at a lower cost.

  6. Of course, Hillary’s biggest strength is that she will be building off of the health care system already set in place, and will expand healthcare to more people. Another strength is requiring drug companies that receive tax money to contribute funds to research. This would definitely increase research to create new medical breakthroughs, however, this could greatly affect drug companies. Due to decreased prices (which we don’t know how it would happen), the plan assumes that the companies will be bringing in enough revenue to be able to contribute funds to research without having too great of a loss, but this could be compromised by the importation of cheaper medicine from other countries which may affect the sales of American drug companies. However, overall Hillary has the best healthcare plan. Trump’s plan may be beneficial to patients because of price transparency, however, there would be fewer people buying medicine because of his revocation of the ACA and of healthcare to undocumented patients. Trump also wants to push HSAs, which could be a big opportunity for fraud. Also, Trump doesn’t really have much of a plan to even critique on in the first place. Yes, Hillary’s plan may have some drawbacks and may not have clear methods of implementation, but it is a plan nonetheless. Hillary’s plan would kind of be like a final draft of an essay compared to Trump’s rough draft before spellcheck.

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