Pros and Cons of Policies

Pros and Cons of Policies

The 2016 Presidential election is only two days away and, like me, many of you are anxious and passionate about the results. One of the biggest points of difference in the two candidates’ ideas is their plan for the future of healthcare.

One of the strengths of Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan is her determination to build on and better the ACA already in place. The ACA has been in progress for a much longer time than most Americans know, and personally I feel that it is much more feasible to work on fixing the parts of Obamacare that are broken than to start completely from scratch. One of the weaknesses of her plan is to reduce out-of-pocket costs for healthcare; although this seems like a good thing, the deficit would have to be made up for somehow. This would likely be through raised taxes, which most Americans would not support.

One of the strengths of Donald Trump’s healthcare plan is his plan to make costs of health insurance transparent and give people the options of buying across state lines. This would lower costs through greater competition and allow people to find plans that better fit their lives and their needs. One of the weaknesses of his healthcare plan is to cut funding for Planned Parenthood; Planned Parenthood does much more than offer safe, affordable abortions. It also offers education about reproduction, many health screenings, birth control, and more. His intent to take away all of this only shows his lack of knowledge and understanding of what Planned Parenthood truly is.

Do you agree with these strengths and weaknesses? Do you feel that any of these “strengths” are actually weaknesses, or vice versa?

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  1. I believe Hilary Clinton’s plan to build and improve the ACA is a critical strength to her health care plan. As health care plans are some of the hardest things to get passed in the US government, building on the ACA will provide Clinton with a platform to see what is not working and what is instead of starting from scratch. There are definitely parts of the ACA that can be better, but there are also parts of the ACA that are working very well. Though this expansion will most likely increase taxes, the benefits people will reap from this plan in the long run is worth it. For example, her plan to expand Medicare will make it be available for more people including low-income families, immigrants, and rural Americans.

    I believe that the one of the greatest weakness in Donald Trump’s heath care plan is how uncertain and unclear it is compared to Hilary Clinton’s plan that seems to be more concrete and clear. Though Clinton and Trump are offering many of the same policies in their plans like increasing the importation of foreign drugs, how Trump plans to reach the same endpoint is muddled.

  2. I like how you concisely outlined many of the main pros and cons of the two candidate’s healthcare plans. I do agree that Clinton’s plan of expanding on the already existing ACA is a more viable plan than Trump’s proposal to completely revamp the healthcare system, chiefly because of how established the ACA already is. I think that completely scrapping Obama’s signature health reform bill and starting anew will have a detrimental effect to the progression of healthcare in this country.

    I also believe in access to safe and affordable abortions, birth control, and health screenings, in addition to the numerous services planned parenthood provides for the public. I think that Trump’s plan to decrease funding for planned parenthood is a definite and troubling weakness to his healthcare plan.

    Every aspect of the two candidate’s plans are debatable, and it really comes down to what your personal beliefs and values are.

  3. I agree with what you have to say; I would much rather have the broken parts of the Affordable Care Act fixed than have the law repealed and having to start from scratch. Personally, I prefer Clinton’s plan overall, even if we have to pay higher taxes. I do, however, believe the greater insurance transparency promoted by Trump if it meant lower insurance rates.

  4. I agree with Hillary Clinton’s plan on expanding the ACA. Repealing the ACA would put the healthcare system at risk. Donald Trump’s health care may seem like a viable option because it insurance plans would be lowered by competition, by how about the other factors? Are people going to be denied the healthcare plans? The ACA specifically stated that health care companies cannot refuse to give their plans based on a person’s health history, age, race, etc.
    We as a country had made it very far with healthcare reform. It took almost 70 years for the ACA to pass and we cannot afford to go back through time and start over. Although the ACA is not perfect and has some weaknesses, we need to work on reforming those issues rather than start from scratch. We need to do what is best for the future of our country.

  5. I agree that a pro for Hilary Clinton’s plan is that she’s building off of the ACA instead of starting from scratch. If she was able to fix the broken parts of “Obamacare” then I feel like it could truly make a big impact on Americans and really help people out. There are just a few kinks that she needs to work on which, like you said, is a much more feasible thing to do than start a new plan altogether. I also agree with the con that you stated for Donald Trump. Planned Parenthood really helps a lot of people in much more than abortion and cutting funding for it would take away an outlet for women to feel safe/supported with issues regarding pregnancy, health screenings, birth control, etc.

  6. While both plans have many pros and cons, I think it will be interesting to see how the medical world, specifically doctors, are effected in the future. Taking into account that I don’t usually pick a side, I don’t think it is wise to restart the entire health care process as Donald Trump wants to do. It took so long for Obamacare to eventually be passed. All that hard work over decades would be wasted. And, would it take another few decades to replace Obamacare? I also do not agree with cutting funding for planned parenthood. Personally, I don’t think it is the government’s job to oversee what people choose. Planned parenthood is vital in supporting women in many different ways.

  7. The ACA took almost an eternity to be established. Removing it would just waste all the hard work that the U.S. has done. Personally, I don’t feel that making out-of-costs cheaper is a bad. I can see your thought process behind it, but the deficit doesn’t necessarily need to made up through taxes. The government could cut funding for things that are deemed irrelevant. As for Trump, the idea of doctors being transparent with costs was the only decent idea I’ve heard from him. However, I feel that Trump is taking an extreme choice in terms of planned parenthood. In a country as diverse as America, there is no definite stance on the issue of abortion so by enforcing his will upon others he is taking some of their freedoms away. That isn’t what America’s about.

  8. I agree with you about the importance of this election, and about the importance of each candidates healthcare policies, especially since a majority of us are pre-health. I believe the largest strength by far of Clinton’s plan is to build on what is already there. It took so long to get to where we are now, and throwing it all away would be a major problem. I do believe that if Clinton gets elected she will have a lot of adjustments to make to the affordable care act to correct the inflation of prices. I think it would be wise of her to include some of Trump’s plans into her plans. The point you made with transparent costs and the elimination of state borders for health insurance is a very strong plan in my eyes. I believe a combination of each of the candidates strong points in their healthcare policy would be the best bet for our nation going forward. Your weaknesses for both Trump and Clinton were really good points. No presidential candidate will ever say they’re going to raise taxes directly so they try to disguise it by changing their wording. And Trump’s plan to cut funding to Planned Parenthood is a weakness because Planned Parenthood is a resource for people. It helps keep women safe if they decide to have abortions. Cutting funding will just increase the cost for patients.

  9. I think that the most important factor to consider when evaluating and contrasting both Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s health care plans is the affect each will have on the current ACA. It is well known that Trump intends to throw out the current ACA and that Clinton intends to improve upon what we already have. I think you did a good job describing an overview of what each candidate’s policies will be regarding healthcare in your post here. After reading your post, I personally believe that it would be more beneficial to improve upon what is already in place than to start all over again. It has taken so long to get to this point that it seems foolish to me to get rid of the ACA completely. This being said, I think that Trump’s idea of being able to purchase healthcare regardless of where you currently live between state lines could potentially be an improvement upon where the ACA is currently. I agree with you that each plan currently has pros and cons, and I am not sure if one is a clear favorite over the other, but there is something to be said about clarity, and Clinton’s plan is laid out better in that regard.

  10. I am more in favor of Clinton’s healthcare platform. Like you said, it has taken decades for America to get to where it is today in terms of healthcare policies and rights; to completely abolish the ACA would be equivalent of throwing away all of the hard work that was put in by our previous leaders and fellow citizens. Furthermore, the ACA has benefited a massive number of people, whether that be them receiving coverage for the first time or them gaining additional healthcare rights. What will happen to these people if suddenly they were stripped of these rights? Moreover, as my generational peers and I come closer to the age of maturing into adults and gaining more responsibility for ourselves, it is more critical that we examine each candidate’s healthcare platform and think about how we personally would benefit from them. From a feminist perspective, the ACA has granted women with healthcare rights (such as insurance-covered screenings) that were not existential prior to the ACA. How many women would would be affected if these rights were taken away? How would that affect the overall health of women, and furthermore the health of their offspring? As future adults and future health professionals, we must weigh out the different pros and cons of each candidate’s healthcare platform.

  11. i agree with most of what you are saying. I understand why many americans want the ACA to be repealed, but I think that any new, progressive system needs time before it’s as efficient as it could be, and the ACA has not been law for long.

  12. I agree with you that Donald Trumps plan’s main strength is that they are allowing insurance companies to sell across boarders. This will force companies to have more affordable plans and create more competition between the different plans. I think Hillary has a more solid plan though, because the ACA is already in place. She will just be adding to an existent plan while Donald has to start from scratch. Donald Trump also has no real health care plan he just criticizes the shortcomings of obamacare. He has no real numbers, while Hillary’s plan is already up and running.
    Both candidates are willing to import drugs from other countries, which will make expensive drugs cheaper for Americans.

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