Presidential Strengths & Weaknesses

Presidential Strengths & Weaknesses

The 2016 Presidential Election is only a couple of days away and it is important for HSSPers, as possible voters or as residents of the United States, to become aware of what each candidate can give to our country. I believe that one of Hillary Clinton’s plan strengths is her defense and expansion of the Affordable Care Act. Since this is the health care system we are using presently, Clinton would not have to make major changes to the health care system and there would not be as much confusion around the idea of health policies. Starting over, in terms of health care, could cause confusion and chaos seeing as Donald Trump’s idea of ditching the ACA would create new health policies entirely. One of Clinton’s flaws is her plan to decrease out-of-pocket costs. Hundreds of millions of dollars are already spent on Medicare and Medicaid expenses; therefore, lowing out-of-pocket costs may be harder on American economy. Tax raises may be implemented in order to keep up with the lowering of costs.

Strengths of Donald Trump’s policies include his enforcement of price transparency from providers and health insurance sales across state lines. Price transparency would allow for honest pricing and estimating while allowing customers to “shop around” for their health insurance. If sales were to occur across state line, competition would increase between companies and prices would be lower. A flaw in Donald Trump’s plan is the implementation of health savings accounts. Health savings accounts allow users to save money tax-free for medical costs but the money that is not used within a yearly period would go towards government  funding.

To my fellow HSSPers, how do you think Clinton would make up for the government money being lost toward out-of-pocket costs? Would you care if your money was taken away at the end of the year if you did not use it for medical expenses? What do you think are Clinton and Trump’s worst plan flaws?



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  1. I believe that the foundation of the Affordable Care Act is headed in the right direction for the progression and improvement of healthcare for all. Of course, we can’t excuse the flaws within the system, such as higher premiums for many Americans. Removing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, however, I feel, will not be in the best interest of the American public. Taking the time to improve upon and amend the current healthcare system will help to alleviate some of the problems will maintaining accessible healthcare for Americans. In that, I believe Hillary Clinton’s plan could be beneficial and successful. Donald Trump provides some good ideas when it comes to price transparency and bringing in quality drugs and treatments from foreign countries. But I do agree that a flaw he has in his belief in health savings accounts and removing the Affordable Care Act. Health savings accounts simply aren’t a realistic option for most Americans, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable losing money simply because I did not spend it.

  2. I found it interesting that both, Clinton and Trump wish to bring international medications to the United States. I think this is a mutual strength in both of their policies on health care. Bringing in medications from other parts of the country could greatly impact and improve the health of many Americans today.

    Trump’s position on America’s current health care policies is his weakness. Because he has such a strong dislike fore the American Care Act, he plans to have the policy repealed. This would mean an entire new health policy will be implemented and experimented with rather than having a former policy revised. Although health insurance is an important investment in the American economy, the amount of money Clinton plans to devote on health care is a weakness. Clinton plans on spending 500 million dollars per year on health care, which will cut into the costs of many other important economic aspects.

  3. I had assumed Donald Trump didn’t have a health care plan because I never heard about it, so learning about it this past Thursday was like a revelation for me. However, I still thought Hillary’s plan was more practical because getting rid of the ACA would just be setting us back to square one on a plan that isn’t 100% flawed.

    I, although I probably shouldn’t admit it, am severely uneducated when it comes to government functioning. For the sake of my blog comment for the week, I decided to look into the information related to costs of the health care plans. I found that if Hillary’s plan works out the way she wants, the federal deficit would soar to $88.5 billion. However, 9.1 million more people will find themselves covered by health insurance. Trump’s plan would ultimately save the government $33 billion but would leave 20.3 million people uninsured.

    So not only did I find new information that I probably should have been aware of, I found myself even more afraid of this Tuesday. Best of luck to my fellow Americans.

  4. I would agree that some of the strengths of Hillary Clinton’s policies is that she would like to lower health care out-of-pocket costs. I also think that one of her strengths is that she wants to lower pharmaceutical costs. I believe to lower these costs, she could tax big medical and pharmaceutical companies so that middle and lower class families will not have to sacrifice life savings and majority of their income in order to pay for the health concerns. Another important strength of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is that she defends reproductive health such as safe and legal abortion. I also agree that some of the flaws would be that an increase in a lot of these government regulated sections would shift the costs of these things from health care to another sector of government.
    I think a strength of Donald Trump’s plan would be cost transparency. This allows consumers to know exactly what they are paying for and it allows them to shop around at other companies. This in turn, may create price competition between companies, lowering the costs for consumers. The biggest flaw with Donald Trump’s plan is that it is not descriptive and very vague, outside of the fact that he wants to get rid of Obamacare. He gives little details as to what his goals are for the health care sector of government because although it is an important topic this election, his focus is elsewhere.

  5. Before lecture Thursday I was not that knowledgeable of Clinton and Trump’s health care plans. My plan was to look it up before voting, but having this class saved me that time. Looking at their health care plans there are several strengths and weaknesses. I believe that Clinton’s weaknesses could be altered to be turned into strengths, but Trumps weaknesses are just too drastic and unrealistic to turn into a strength. Completely getting rid of the ACA policy will only start us back at square one which was how it was several years ago. I don’t think this would be beneficial to our country, I believe this would just cause even more chaos. Even thought Clinton wanting to bring medicines from different countries may seem like a weakness that could also be a strength. Bringing medicine into our country that could cure more things could be beneficial. I wasn’t totally for it then, but after thinking about it I’m starting to have hope.

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