Health Care Plans & the Election

Health Care Plans & the Election

As election day comes around we’re all getting quite anxious to vote and see who will be the next leader of our country. The health care plans that both are proposing for this country are one of the biggest factors in this year’s election.

One of the strengths in Clinton’s plan is building upon the ACA. I think that building on a system that has the makings of becoming successful is brilliant. When we look back at history, something like this hasn’t really been done before. By working with a system that has been apart of this country for years, building and improving the ACA would be an easier task than creating a brand new system that would take many more years to start up.

However, a weakness in Clinton’s plan is her idea of importing foreign drugs. Sure some of the drugs that aren’t available in the United States can meet the needs of  people that have uncommon conditions, but Clinton is already investing in more research and less advertising of drugs in the U.S. If we are spending money on drug research, I don’t think we should be spending more money on foreign drugs.

On the other hand, a strength that Trump proposes is buying health insurance across state lines. I think that citizens have the right to purchase health insurance through any state, because isn’t having health insurance in general what the country needs? Although I don’t really know the downside of this idea, by opening up these options I believe that it is beneficial for both country and people.

A weakness that I see in Trump’s plan is his idea of removing the ACA. By starting over and forming a new health plan we’re just repeating history AGAIN. Why not work with a system that has been working? If Trump were to be president his plan and effort on health insurance would not take flight. It takes too long for a plan for health insurance to be put together and enforced. Starting over with a new health plan will not meet the needs of the country, but maybe if he revised and put his ideas into ACA it might be reasonable.

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  1. I also believe that Hillary is making a smart decision by planning to build upon the ACA. We know how long it took for this major health care reform to take place, and Trump’s plan to completely eliminate it would seem as if we were taking steps backwards instead of progressively moving forward. It could take another 70 years to implement a different health care reform.
    I like Clinton’s plan to invest more money into drug research, but like you I do not think she should spend more money on importing foreign drugs. If we start devoting more time and money into the drugs here in the United States, I do not see the reason behind importing foreign drugs.
    I also agree that Trump’s idea to allow citizens to buy health insurance across state lines is one of the pros in his plan. Since health insurance is available to all citizens, I am not sure of the purpose behind not permitting the purchase of health insurance across state lines.

  2. I agree that Clinton’s plan to defend and expand the Affordable Care Act will be the most beneficial for the future of American health care. I’m hesitant to support her plan to import drugs, however, because although she claims that this process would involve “safety and quality”, she has yet to specify how exactly that would be implemented.

    We clearly see, even in Trump’s healthcare plan, that he is a businessman. I think a strength of his plan is that he would require price transparency from providers, allowing consumers to “shop around”, and allowing health insurance sales across state lines. However, I don’t agree with his idea to “ditch” the ACA for “free market” legislation and regulation, especially since he hasn’t given guidelines as to how this would be carried out.

    It is safe to say that I am very interested to see how our new president, whoever that might be, will implement their respective plans.

  3. I agree that Hilary’s plan to build upon the ACA is one of her major strengths. I think Trump’s plan to completely get rid of the ACA and start from scratch is too risky. It took such a long time to get the ACA passed, and starting over to form a new plan could take twice as long.
    I am indifferent toward the opinion to import foreign drugs. I feel like there could be quality drugs in the foreign market that the United States could totally be missing out on, but I also feel like bringing in foreign drugs could do some major harm if they’re not properly tested. It could greatly reduce the cost of prescriptions by increasing competition between pharmaceutical companies, but it could also endanger the public’s health, so this proposition must be handled very carefully.
    I also agree with Trump’s proposition to let citizens shop across state borders for their insurance. That would increase competition among insurance companies and potentially lower prices.

  4. It is interesting to see the different aspects of both Trump and Clinton’s plans in terms of healthcare policies. As I read through a lot of posts and even some comments, I noticed that the majority of people were saying that Clinton’s strength is the continuity of the ACA signed by Obama, whereas Trump’s biggest weakness is repealing that. I agree with the idea that it is harder to start fresh than continue something that is already in place, however I also believe that it is more beneficial to repeal the ACA because it is a flawed system that will not be beneficial to continue it. So in my opinion, one of Trump’s strengths is his plan to repeal the ACA, whereas I see that as a weakness for Clinton who wants to continue it.
    Both candidates want to import drugs internationally which I am skeptical about because I agree that if there are better drugs out there we should use them, however I think we should put in more effort in researching domestic drugs to minimize the reliance on foreign goods.
    For Secretary Clinton, I believe her biggest strength lies in her idea to require the federally funded drug companies to research a percentage of their profits in research. I believe one of her biggest weaknesses in her plan is her idea to expand everything. It sounds great at first, but if you think about what that entails, it means raising taxes in the end because that is how expansion works-the government uses taxpayer money to expand programs, which requires them to raise taxes so they have funds to do so.
    For Mr. Trump specifically, I believe his biggest weakness is the HSAs “use it or lose it” policy. The HSA is a brilliant idea to me, but that policy almost defeats the purpose because people will be less likely to put more money in if they don’t believe they will need it. However, one of Trump’s biggest strength’s lies in his overall goal to use business-like skills and predictions to make the healthcare system more like a business. This is evident in his idea to issue block grants on medicaid as well as removing free market entry barriers to make the system perfectly competitive.
    Both candidates have very different takes on how they will handle healthcare and whoever wins the election will decide a lot of factors that impact this nation not only for the next four years but for the time proceeding that as well.

  5. I agree that Clinton’s main strength (in regards to health care) is that she has the ACA as a foundation. Reflecting back on how long it took for this to come into fruition in the US, starting over (as Trump plans to do) may take many, many years, especially with the opposition he will face from the opposing democratic party. I do think that there are some strong points in Trump’s plans, though. For example, increasing competition among health insurance plans to decrease prices seems like a fairly simple change that could have a substantial impact. This is an interesting example of how Trump is implementing his buisness background into his campaign. That is a good idea you have for Trump to integrate his changes into the ACA, however I do not think Trump would ever agree with the majority of the ACA, hence why he is planning to throw it out if elected. That being said, I feel very strongly that America needs to become better at working towards a compromise in all aspects of government. It needs to start being more about collaboration and less about arguing, or nothing will ever progress in this country. Both candidates have very different plans for America, and I am interested to see how it will pan out.

  6. Similar to you I see key strengths and weaknesses in each plan.
    For Secretary Clinton, I agree it is clear her biggest strength is that she plans to build upon the ACA. From past lectures, we have learned specifically how difficult it can be to pass legislation. The decision to expand on the ACA makes it far more likely her changes will be passed. People have mentioned the foreign drug access as a weakness but I think there are clear benefits such as the availability of drugs not yet produced by American companies. However, the ability for foreign companies to outprice American companies is a problem. I would prefer this idea if she specified that only foreign drugs that were not available in the United States would be permitted.

    For Trumps plan, the main strength was the increased competition by allowing health insurance competition across state lines. This increased competition should drive down costs and increase the potential choices for buyers. However, by removing the ACA and starting from scratch the passage of his desired reforms becomes much harder as he has to start from scratch whereas Secretary Clinton has a large piece already in place. Another key issue is the lack of specifics. Trump seems to promise the world without giving a plan to accomplish this. He claims he will simultaneously increase access, decrease costs, and increase quality.

    Both candidates seem to promise a lot, saying they will decrease costs and increase quality among others. However, as we have learned, to actually be able to deliver on all these promises is very unlikely. Based on each candidates plans I see Hillary as having a far better chance to deliver on at least some of these goals due to her far more detailed approach.

  7. This election, arguably, is one of the most polarizing in the history of the United States. For better or for worse, the hyper partisanship that is dividing society right now had forced us to look deep within and embody our morals and beliefs. On that note, it is also just as imperative to figure out the policy and action plans for each of the candidates and how they affect us. Both Clinton and Trump have made healthcare a relative important issue in their campaign platform. These specifics are often overlooked considering the premature assumptions we make about each candidate and their behavior. But just fir this instance, lets delve into what will affect us directly. Both aim to lower the copays and deductibles that consumers pay while providing a solution to lower the prices that healthcare insurance have risen to. However, their process to get there is varied.
    Like everyone has mentioned, there are both weaknesses and strengths to each candidate plans for healthcare. For Secretary Clinton, her prime strength is the foundation of the Affordable Care Act. Her stance is to build upon the framework built ready and use it to continue supposed progress. Another strength of hers is the expansion of Medicaid to incorporate more of the population that needs it at the same time, I absolutely concur with everyone else that the importation of foreign drugs. While foreign drugs may provide a different market, they can outbid local companies and instead provide cheaper prices for lower quality goods.

    In terms of Donald Trump, his prime strength is his declaration of opening state boundaries for completion across state lines for healthcare insurance policies. On a basic economics lesson, the more completion, ideally the lower price. However, there are two major drawbacks it seems, to Trumps initiative. First and foremost, he plans to get rid of the present framework in the ACA and start over. Not only will this undo the progress that has been made, but it will also waste a significant amount of time. Secondly, and most importantly, is his image. His current behavior and image has created certain assumptions that may hinder him in the future. Even if he has quality ideas that will help the situation, many people will disagree simply because he initiated it. These factors can hurt the development of the healthcare system.
    While they both have advantages and disadvantages, it comes down to the external factors which will affect this the most. On this note, it seems that Secretary Clinton will have the better chance to proceed in her platform than Donald Trump.

  8. Like we discussed in the lecture, this is an important election because the candidate who is elected will be making decisions on health care.
    One of Clinton’s strength in her plan, like others have previously mentioned, is that she is planning to build onto the foundation of the Affordable Care Act. I feel that she recognizes that it took many years to develop a plan for Health Care, and she feels that there is no need to start from scratch. Rather than starting over, let’s just fix the problems within the ACA. Also, two other strengths in Clinton’s Plan were to decrease prescription drugs and to expand access regardless of immigration status. I don’t necessarily agree with drugs being imported from abroad. The money going toward the drugs from abroad, could be more useful for something more important. But, I know that the drugs from abroad could be beneficial, as long as it is safe.
    Requiring price transparency from providers is a strength in Trump’s plan. This will allow consumers to weigh their options before deciding to commit to a health care plan. This could also create competition between health care providers, hopefully lowering prices. A weakness in the Trump’s plan is the Health Savings Account. I can see that there are good intensions when creating this idea, but I do not like the fact that if I don’t use all the money in the account by a certain amount of time, I lose my money. I lose my money…. Maybe if he revised that part of the Health Savings Account, it would be better.
    Both candidates have strengths and weakness in their plans. I feel that it comes down to who has the most experience and logical agenda, which, in my opinion, is Hilary Clinton.

  9. First, I overall agree that Clinton has a better healthcare vision for the future, but it all depends on the values a person has regarding government and healthcare. When it is boiled down, the arguments tend to be between whether healthcare should be readily available to everybody at low costs, or whether the healthcare system should stay more privatized to protect healthcare workers salaries. So, when looking at a long-term perspective, that is the answer to why we should work with a system that has been working, because people aren’t happy with the current system. Although I agree with what you are saying, there is a very valid argument for why the ACA is not the right direction for this country.

  10. I appreciate Max’s comment on perspective. I agree with his statement regarding the fact that something shouldn’t be kept simply because it took a long time to get there. The fact that it took decades for the ACA to come to action does not inherently make it a good plan or a good idea. That being said, in this case I do believe the best plan of action would be to build upon the existing legislation. We need to reevaluate WHY this is best though, because the time period it took to pass is NOT a good enough reason.

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