Week 8-Death, Dying, Religion, and Spirituality

Week 8-Death, Dying, Religion, and Spirituality

Death and dying is not something that we think about often. The speakers we had in class this week both talked about the importance of thinking about what we would like to have happen before we or our family members are put in the position of being forced to make those decisions. As far as the legacy I would like to leave, some of the values I would like people to associate with me would be trustworthy, patient, and empathetic. I think that these qualities are very important for a health care provider to have, and I would like to be known as a nurse who possessed those qualities. I also think that service is an important part of the legacy that I would like to leave. In high school, I volunteered a lot, and now that I am in college I would like to continue to give back to my community. A quote that I think goes along with this is by Maya Angelou and she says that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This statement really sums up the kind of person and nurse that I hope to be.

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  1. I agree that it can be difficult imagining the mere concept of dying. It’s something most of us don’t think about everyday. I like to think that I will be remembered for something, I don’t even know what yet, maybe a big discovery in medicine, maybe a song? Something. It’s what gives me drive everyday. It’s saddening to realize that it’s hard to remember people after a long time, though. We have trouble remembering kings and queens from a few hundred years ago, let alone the millennia that the world will likely be turning for without us. Striving to be remembered is a powerful feeling, but we should never forget how we felt and how we made others feel.

  2. I agree with you that the concept of death and dying isn’t something that crosses our minds often. And because of this lecture it is something that most of us should’ve thought about, even if just for a few minutes. The thought of death and dying is such a touchy topic because most people fear it. One of the ways to think about it in a positive way though is by thinking about your legacy, or what you want to leave behind. I believe the values you listed are all important, but there are some more that I’d like to list as well. One for me personally is achievement. I’ve always wanted to succeed in everything I’ve done so leaving a legacy of achievement is somewhat important to me. Second, and one of the most important is being humble. It’s really easy to get caught up in yourself if you aren’t careful and that’s why I want to leave a memory of being a humble person. This will also help in the healthcare field because it will make you more relatable and trustable to patients. The last one I’d like to leave behind is being a driven individual. I already see myself as somewhat driven, but I’d like to continue this into my career in the healthcare field. Lastly, I found the quote you shared to be a very powerful message.

  3. Like many others, the thought of death scares me. Although I do not want to think about death and leaving the world that I love, it is necessary if I hope to die peacefully, with no burdens weighing me down. The legacy I desire to leave behind is similar to yours. I want to be known for my compassion, and never turning down anyone who is in need. I also enjoyed volunteering, and I believe this is because I truly have a passion for helping others. In the future, I aspire to become a physical therapist. I recently decided this when I had to attend physical therapy a few years ago. When I was there my physical therapist always instilled positivity in me to continuously work hard to regain strength, even when there were times I thought it would never happen. Years later I am completely healthy and able to participate in sports and other activities, and I thank my physical therapist for always pushing me to do my best and being so understanding and kindhearted. One day I hope to have the same impact on another person’s life.

  4. Indeed, people tend to avoid talking about death because it is a particularly morbid topic, but being remembered is something everyone wants. I too highly value trustworthiness, patience, and service along with kindness and humility. I want to be the person people remember as who would make their day brighter from things as simple as a greeting or a smile. To me, it’s the small things that make life worth living and they are also the simplest and most memorable parts of peoples’ day. This is very closely aligned with that beautiful quote you presented from Maya Angelou. I hope to be someone that people see as being driven and appreciative of all things and willing to go the extra mile to make other peoples’ struggles in this life that much more bearable. To me it matters less how many people remember me as to just how people remember me.

  5. When thinking about death, I think it’s important to not only take into account our wishes, but our family’s as well. When we’re gone, what is going to help them the most? What is going to make them feel most at peace? I know that I would want my family to do what they needed, while still staying in line with my wishes, beliefs, and values. Our values are something that shape how we live everyday, but they also impact our deaths. Like you mentioned, people will remember our values because they will remember how we acted. Those actions will always speak louder than our words, and the quote you shared by Maya Angelou perfectly represents that. I want my actions to be so true to my values, that even those who only know me for a brief period can tell what kind of person I am. I think it’s so important to always live by our values because they are what will shape our legacy.

  6. I also agree with what others said about not thinking about dying too often. Death is a scary thing, so it is often easier to ignore it, however we cannot live forever. Thinking about death allows us to reevaluate the way we are living and make our legacy what we want it to be. I want my legacy to be one of service, whether that be actual mission work or always being willing to help a friend. I want everyone I encounter throughout my life, both personally and professionally, to know that they are important and someone will take the time to help them with whatever they need. Caring enough to make a person feel welcome and important is a true act of service. Service comes in many different forms, I just know that I want my legacy to include as many as possible.

  7. Like you, I wholeheartedly agree that it is incredibly hard to talk about something as morbid as death. It’s a thought few, if any, people dare to venture with their loved ones. With that being said, I much rather live a fulfilled life and die happily as opposed to living marginally longer with the help of ventilators or tubes. As a part of my legacy, I want to show that nothing hampered me till my last breath and that I accomplished all my aspirations.

  8. Thanks for your post! That quote you presented by Maya Angelou is particularly important and relevant to daily living and interactions. So many times when a good deed is performed, individuals try to reap the credit for that action as opposed to allowing that action to speak for itself. Personal pride and credit is not necessary in the healthcare industry; healthcare is all about giving up self to give others more, expecting nothing in return. Thanks for your post!

  9. I agree with that death is something that most people are afraid to face. It is not an easy topic to discuss, but we all have to address death at a point in our lives.
    I have similar values that I want to leave behind in my legacy.
    When I leave this Earth, I hope to leave behind sincereful legacy. I want people to remember me as a caring, helpful, leader. I want people to remember that I was never afraid to accomplish every odd that was/is against me. I want people to remember that I was focused, never letting anyone deferred me from my dreams.Leadership is important to me because I seem to develop my leadership skills everyday.
    Leadership isn’t just not following someone, but it’s creating and dictating your own path while being a role-model to others. Also, it is being able to make important decisions, not only for yourself, but for others as well. I want people to remember me as that type of leader.

    Those who look up to me in terms of my career life, I want them to remember me as a caring, genuine doctor. I want them to not only look at me as being able to carry out my duties as a doctor, but as a professional role model. I want patients to feel comfortable under my care, trusting that I will take great care of their life.
    I don’t want patients to feel that I am judgmental of their body, health, etc. That’s not the kind of doctor I want to be. I want patients to feel that I am serious and sincere when I tell them I will do my best to save their life or better their health.
    For those students whom learn from me, I would want them to feel comfortable because it is a learning experience.I would not want them to feel uptight and nervous, deviating from taking reasonable risks. I would want them to think of me being caring, open-minded and hard-working teacher in the medical field.
    I hope to teach these students that yes, it is important to be skilled, but patient care/customer service is just as important.
    Many people are uncomfortable with being in a hospital and/or in the presence of a doctor. A white coat alone can be intimidating to some people. I want my students to learn that your job is make patients aware that they (students) are trustworthy and to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.
    Hopefully, when it is my time to leave this Earth, my legacy will be similar or better than what want to leave behind.

  10. I think that quote puts death in a very enlightening perspective. Meaning it is comforting to know that you can make the legacy you want to have, but that ultimately people will remember you by association with feelings. If you look at that truth from the eyes of a health care provider it is evident that the feeling you gave them (hopefully relief of being healthy or cure) is the most important thing. Of course, your actions and words are large components of what produces feelings yet your overall attitude toward the patient is arguably the most important aspect. If a health care provider walks into a room and projects a routine or negative attitude onto the room then the patients feelings will most likely be negative. All of this shows why it is so necessary to be as compassionate as possible as a health care provider.

  11. Even though death is a difficult topic to discuss or even think about, we all have to address it at point in our lives. I personally do not care too much about what people think of me when I’m gone, but it is also something to look forward to when it comes to leaving a legacy for people to remember you by. Living a high quality life is more important to me and as long as I think that I have fulfilled everything in my life that needs to be tended to, then I am satisfied.

  12. I absolutely love by that quote and I feel that those are words that I try to live by always. It has always been very important to me to be kind to every person I come across and at try to at least make their lives a little better in some way. I feel that there is way too much suffering in the world for us to treat one another badly on top of it, we all need to support one another.
    I really like that you said how important service to others was to you. Volunteer work has always been extremely important in my life and I’m positive that it will continue to be. The biggest thing I would like to be remembered for is just simply positively impacting the lives that I cross paths with. I feel that we can all do that by always remembering, as your quote perfectly stated, people will never forget how you made them feel.

  13. I really like the quote you used. It’s something I think a lot about when I think about how I affect others currently, as well as the lasting impact I’d have on them after my death. I think many people want to leave an impact on the world somehow before they leave, me included. Maybe I won’t be remembered for something that will go down in history, but I do want people that I have interacted with to remember the way that I made them feel. I hope that I can make people feel like they matter and are loved. Like you I want to be remembered for having values such as empathy, patience, and trustworthiness.

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