Week 8 – Death, Dying, Religion & Spirituality

Week 8 – Death, Dying, Religion & Spirituality

Death is something that is inevitable. It is something that all of us have to face and something all of us have to go through. Whatever comes after death is unknown to us although most of us may have some ideas. The only thing that we know for certain is our impact on the world and how people remember us. How we want people to remember us differs greatly from person to person.

Personally, I want to be remembered as someone who creates a positive, sustainable impact on the world and possibly more than just our world…? I believe that innovation is the way to go about creating this positive impact. I feel this would be the best way to be remembered because it won’t just be the next generation who remembers you, but since it is sustainable, your legacy will be sustained for generations.

I hope to be remembered by many people but not for just being rich and famous.

I I do not have a specific thing that I want to be remembered for; I’m still figuring that part out, partly through HSSP!

I don’t have something that I only want my family to remember me though.



How would you want to be remembered?

13 thoughts on “Week 8 – Death, Dying, Religion & Spirituality

  1. Death is something that I don’t like to think about, it’s a creeping feeling in the back of my head. The way I keep it out of my head and make sure I live my life to the fullest is to live one day at a time. Whatever happened yesterday is done with and I cannot change that, and whatever the future holds, good or bad, is totally dependent on the choices I make today. Each day I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. In this way, when I do die, I’ll be remembered for being me, not someone striving to be someone they aren’t, not someone who spends life trying to fit in somewhere that doesn’t work. I want to live my life lending a helping hand to others, to give back, and in return get the feelings of satisfaction, knowing that I did good in this world. If I can look back and feel good about the life I lived, that I’m happy with the way I choose to live, I think that is what matters most. Trying to live a life only to be remembered after the fact seems strange to me, and I think by living it purely and living it one day at a time, you will be remembered, but legacy after death shouldn’t be a goal for the living.

  2. Death really is something all of us have in common. We don’t know when or where but we do know that eventually it will catch up with us. It’s not really important to me to be remembered by people I never knew or say the world. I want the people I have encountered throughout my lifetime, however long that may have been, to remember me. I want them to remember me as a person that always tried to do her best and always tried to make the people around her try do be their best. I also want them to remember that I was human, that I was flawed and made mistakes. I don’t want people to only remember the good that happened but all of life, all of my life that’s shaped me to be the person I was on the last day I stepped foot on earth.

  3. I also have a hard time grasping and understanding the concept of death. As someone who is not religious, the meaning of life and what happens after life is still very unclear to me. I’m interested in how religion plays a role in how people perceive the end of life. I really enjoyed Tommy’s comment about living one day at a time. I agree that the past should stay in the past and the future relies on the decisions of the present. However, I think it’s difficult to not hope to leave a legacy behind one day. Though my idea of the meaning of life is still unclear, I am certain about how I want to live my life. I want a life filled with experiences, good and bad. I want a life full of love, learning, and happiness. I want to live everyday in the present and focus on one day at a time, but I also want to make a positive impact for generations to come. I don’t think this means I want to live life just to be remembered. Instead, I want to live a life that will help others even after I’m gone. I feel that I can achieve this by make as much of a difference as I could each day, even if it’s a small difference. Since I don’t have much experience with death, I hope to gain a better understanding of how the process of handling death works.

  4. When I think of legacy, I think of how I would like to be remembered. Essentially, humans can be immortal through the memories we leave upon others. After I die, I want to live through the memories of my children, friends, significant other and so on. I don’t want to leave an impact just through my personality—funny, kind and loving, but through the little impacts I have. I am not thinking of something completely overreaching like finding the cure to cancer, but things that people usually do not think about that inevitably leave a huge impact. For example, smiling to others each day and just being conscious of the people you interact with on a day to day basis—opening doors, remembering birthdays, listening etc. I want my grandchildren and children to remember me fondly and miss my presence—I think that’s the best that I can do with my legacy. To love and be loved.

    Specifically, I am unsure. I know I want to become a physician, but I don’t know what type for sure or what impact I have regarding that career.

  5. Going off of Alyssa’s comment about religion, I am religious, but the concept of life and death and everything in between is still unclear to me as well. Even with my faith, I still have doubts about what comes after death. I want to believe there is life after death but it’s still hard for me to comprehend and come to terms with the enormity of the idea. I like the view of living life on day at a time as well. It can be so hard to do focus on the ‘now’, and not obsess over the future, especially when we feel the pressure of expectations to succeed from our parents, friends, society, and ourselves. But knowing that your life has a purpose and an impact on everyone you encounter is something that I believe is so important to remember. When I die, I don’t necessarily care if my legacy was some huge innovation, but any impact I had on people’s lives, no matter how big or small, will be enough. Because those influences I had on people would be carried out in their lives, and hopefully would positive impacts, and that in itself would be a sufficient enough legacy for me.

  6. Death is inevitable. We all know this, but I don’t like to think about it. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of experiences with family members and death throughout the past few years so it’s not a topic I enjoy frequently thinking about. That being said, it is of course something that we all have in common. Everyone will die someday, and there isn’t anything we can do to stop it, we can only push it back. It is not of great importance to me to be remembered by people who I have never met or interacted with. By this I mean I don’t have any great desire to be famous. It is important to me to be remembered by those I love, and those who loved me. It will be enough for me to know that I’ll be remembered by those I care about.

    In the end, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life yet. And I definitely don’t want to think about the end of it before it’s even really started. I hope to have a long and healthy life, and in the end, I hope to be proud of what I’ve accomplished. I think I will be.

  7. Indeed, death is something that we all have in common. However, I have read before that we do not truly die when our heart stops. We live on in spirit until we are completely forgotten.
    I really haven’t put a lot of thought into what I want to be remembered for when I die. However, on an interpersonal level I want to be remembered as someone who is dependable and trustworthy. In my career, I want to be well regarded as one of the best in my field. That doesn’t have anything to do with being paid, I just want to be good at what I do. I think equally important to how you are remembered is who you are remembered by. I only care about being remembered by family and friends.

  8. Even as a religious person death and the afterlife are topics that I am not so sure about. I do feel like people never truly die, they only fail to exist on earth, but that is the only idea I have. The idea of dying used to scare me a while ago, but now I understand that it is something that we all have to go through so I would like to know more about it. I personally have never thought about the idea of being remembered after death. I would like to think that I would be remembered in the world in a positive light. Not that fame is important to me, but I do not want to limit myself to just those who love me that have been impacted by something I did. I hope to be able to leave a lasting impression or help someone other than my family and friends in such a way that they would remember me when I am gone.

  9. Speaking about death is very difficult for me. Like others have mentioned, it is easier if we push it to the back of our mind. I can remember one night thinking about death and wondering whats happens afterwards and getting so stressed out I could not sleep. Despite being a religious person, the topic of afterlife is still a huge question for me. While I do not claim to have answered this, I think as long as I have a lived a life I am proud of, I will be content at the time of my death. In regards, to what a full life means to me, I consider leaving an impact. While I agree making a lasting, positive impact on the world is the ultimate goal, I just as strongly want to leave a lasting impact on specific people. I want to start a family and have my kids remember me as a good father. I hope to become a pediatrician and have my patients remember as a caring and intelligent doctor. I believe if I can be a role model for just a few people, I can die happy.

  10. As much as I don’t like to think about death, I know one day it is going to come. What scares me most about death is the people I will be leaving behind. Death is such an inconvenience and more than that can be an extremely difficult thing to get through. Knowing that by dying I will be putting my loved ones through this is what makes me most afraid of death.

    This said I do want to do something important with my life. I think it is essential I do not lose sight of what is really important, however. If I set my goals unrealistically high, and don’t accomplish them, I fear that on my death bed I will see my life as a failure. That is why for me I try not to set too specific of goals. I understand that my path of life will most likely turn out in a way I don’t expect and that that is okay. Things like being happy, being financially stable, and having a strong support system of loving friends and family are goals for my life that I think are not only extremely attainable, but also satisfying to a high degree.

  11. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if I care that much about being remembered by others. Don’t get me wrong – I certainly would be incredibly happy if many people remembered me in a positive light, but being forgotten or even disliked doesn’t register to me as something that bad. In the end, I am my own individual, and the opinions of others are their own. Granted, I’m not saying that other opinions are irrelevant, I’m just saying that I’d rather think about how to make people laugh, improve myself, and how to help people, rather than focus on what people think about me and how I intend on leaving an impact on the world.

  12. As odd as it may sound, I don’t mind if I am not remembered after I die. I would rather prefer to have an impact while I am alive. I would want to be known as a person who worked hard. This is an attribute I am still trying to reach, and HSSP and other pillars in my life are successfully supporting me such as my family and friends. The only thing I would hope for for after my death is that my friends and family remains happy.
    Death is an odd topic to talk about. I am still trying to process if I am extremely afraid of it or if I am content with it..

  13. I honestly have a hard time with death. Every time i hear of a friend or family member dying, it is hard for me to automatically think that they are in a better place. I think “why did God take them out of the world so soon and how did this happen?” I know that we have to all die some day but I hope that day does not come soon.

    When that day does come though, I hope that I am remembered as the lovely young lady I am. I hope that I die with no hard feelings towards anyone. I hope that i would have forgiven everyone that ever did me wrong and I even want those people to come to my funeral and speak great things about me. I know that everyone will truly miss me and I hope that they will always remember me in a positive way. Death is terrifying for me but I hope that my death will be peaceful and that I will be remembered well.

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