Week 8: Death and Legacy

Week 8: Death and Legacy


Above are pictures of two men. Both are well known in the medical field. One of them is remembered for giving penicillin, the product of his 13 years of research, to the world for free, saving millions of lives. The other is remembered for raising the price of Daraprim by 41 times over night, making it no longer affordable for those without insurance. In a sense, both of them are considered accomplished in their field. But would you rather be remembered as a humble benefactor of humanity or as a rich douchebag who exploit people in the legal gray zone?

I’ve always felt strongly about having a greater purpose in life. A goal that is bigger than myself and my family and friends. Some people want to be remembered for making a lot of money and living extravagant lives. I want to be remembered as someone who stood for a right cause, as someone who tried to make the lives of others better. Once you make enough fortunate that more money no longer improves the quality of your life, you can either —- use that money to make more money or spend your money on meaningful purposes such as  creating employment and promoting education and research. And here’s where I’d like to have as my legacy.

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  1. I have heard of both of the people that you mentioned in your post. I know that Martin Shkreli’s legacy is something that many disapprove of and the fact that he hiked the price of the drug was completely unfair and harmful in many cases. However, I would like to make the point that many other big drug companies such as Allergan, Mylan and Pfizer raise their drug prices all the time. A lot of the money that is generated from the price raise is used to research and develop more medicines. It is also important to keep in mind that the drug industry is a business as well so things like this can be expected. I think you might be interested in the different perspectives of the presidential candidates on this topic. Check out this article:


    I think for my legacy I would like to be remembered for contributing towards humanity much like you have stated, except I think it is important to keep the points I made in mind before criticizing one specific person.

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