Week 8- Death and Legacy

Week 8- Death and Legacy

Death is something that a lot of people fear. I think this is mostly because they feel they haven’t done enough while they lived here. While I do not necessarily fear death, I do fear not being remembered for doing something good in this world. My ultimate goal in life is to leave a lasting impression in the world, even if only one person if influenced by me. But I also would like to change something in the world around me.

I want to have a legacy something like that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Not only did he make a difference for African Americans in our society, he spread the word of God while doing it. I would like to do something about health disparities among African Americans. That is why I am entering the field of public health. I especially want to work in Chicago and create a program that improves the overall quality of health for people who live in areas with poor healthcare services. I have a desire to be a civil rights activist also fighting for social equality.

In addition to this, I want to be able to spread the word of God. My religion is very important to me and when I am gone, the first thing I want people to say about me is that I lived my life for the glory of God. If I could talk about God and lead a movement as big as Martin Luther King did, that would be the best legacy I could have.

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  1. I totally agree with where you are coming from. People always thrive to go down history and to be remembered. I, on the other hand, do fear death. I am afraid that I would not achieve my goals, and I’m afraid to leave the people I love behind, so I would appreciate it if it didn’t happen anytime soon. Every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy, it just reminds me of how I want to resuscitate whoever is hanging by a thread because I would want myself to stay alive, but after hearing the lecture and discussion this week, it also gave me insight that not everyone is the same.

  2. “I want to have a legacy something like that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” I agree with this statement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made several positive changes rather it was for the African American society or presenting the Christian religion to several different people. I want to be seen as a role model and an inspiration for many people. I listen to that Beyonce song, “I was here” and it keeps me going, it keeps me motivated. It makes me realize how important it is for me to leave my mark on this world. My goal is to inspire several groups of individuals rather they are young children or adults. When I leave this world I don’t want to leave regrets. I want to leave something positive to remember, so they won’t forget that I was here.
    I chose to be a part of the health and medical field because I feel like that is a great way to leave my mark on the world. Working with young patients and making sure they stay healthy is very important because they are our future. I don’t want to just be a pediatrician, but I want to volunteer around the community I grew up in and encourage underrepresented young children. I want to be a backbone to them and help them create and accomplish any goals that they might want to accomplish. If I could drastically change someone’s life and help that person become successful, then that’s a legacy I left because they will always remember what I did for them. I would love to go beyond that and touch several people in that way, not just one.

  3. When I’m now longer around I would hope that when people hear my name that it has a positive connotation. I would hope that people would only have positive things to say about me because I try to be a positive person even when the situation is negative. The words that I would hope for people to describe me is caring, kind, and forgiving because those are three main characteristics I try to remember and be and I go through every day. Service and giving back to my community will be a big part of my life because I not only plan to give to orphanages within my area but also to my parents birth country, being Nigeria. The last time I went there I saw a lot of people who were struggling and people who had more than they needed. I would hope to start an organization that can provide necessities for families who are living in poverty so they can feel stable.

  4. I too what to leave a lasting impression on this world. While that may seem extremely hard and impossible to us now, in the future we will have many opportunities to change the world. For me, I would want to have many mentees who I can share wisdom with and have them spread the knowledge I gave them to the world. So when I am gone one day, more than just my bloodline will carry on my legacy. While I do not have a historical role model like you do (MLK), I have local leaders in my community back home who I would like to follow the steps of. Making an impact back home would be a great thing that I would like to do before I die.

  5. I applaud your ambitious goals, for they would improve the lives of many people in Chicago. Similarly, would like to go back to my birth state of Guanajuato, Mexico and provide the residents there with healthcare services that they over wise wouldn’t be able to afford. In addition, I would like my legacy to also include my future work in the city of Grand Rapids, where I plan to advocate for better healthcare access for undocumented immigrants as well as the hispanic community in general. I think that if I could be remembered as someone like Dr. MLK jr. or Ceaser Chavez, then I would be very proud of my work but knowing that I helped improve someones live would also be very comforting for me.

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