Week 8 – Death and a Lasting Legacy

Week 8 – Death and a Lasting Legacy

I have never really thought much about death or how I want to die. What is really important to me is how people view me after I’m gone. One of my biggest fears is to leave this world without making a positive impact on it. As long as something beneficial to society happens because of something I do, I will be┬ámore than content with my legacy. For me, making a lot of money and being successful is nice, but it really doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t contribute to moving things forward or making a positive impact. That is one of the biggest reasons pushing me towards the health care field. While a person working for a large business company may make a lot of money in his career, his legacy will ultimately be determined by how much money he makes the company. Doctors, nurses, and┬ádentists, on the other hand, work towards helping and solving people’s problems. I think it would be the coolest thing ever to help save a person’s life. Even if it’s just one person, I can rest easy knowing that I was able to impact someone’s life to such a high and positive degree. For me a legacy like that tops anything else.

What do you want to be remembered for and how much importance do you put into having a lasting legacy?

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  1. Although most people chose to point out the legacy they would like to leave in relation to their careers, I would like to focus more on relationships. Family is definitely one of the most important aspects of my life, and when I am an adult, I want to make lasting, wonderful impressions on my family. Whether that be my kids, grandkids, or my in-laws, I want to be remembered as someone who was always welcoming and supportive of family. As a friend, I want to be remembered as a life-long pal, who has been there from the very beginning, and one that you could come to with any troubling situation.

    Ultimately, of course I want to do something groundbreaking within my career. But if I fail to accomplish this, the very least I would like to do is leave a lasting, loving impression of myself with those around me, because I believe that life is ultimately shaped by the relationships and bonds you have formed with the people who mean the most to you.

  2. My best friend and I always have conversations about death and wtf happens after, and even what the hell happened before we were even born and how that even works? It’s crazy and hurts my head every time but those are our favorite conversations! It makes us think and actually act on the notion of living life. Who knows what happened before, what happens next? I think people who are here just to accomplish stuff and be known for the things they’ve done is very superficial and super annoying. It makes me think they want to be validated and want to be seen as better than the human who died before them. I want to leave a good legacy of myself first and foremost. I do not want to take life seriously at all, I think it’s hilarious when people do that. We all are going to die, chill out. It’s said as a joke all the time but it’s 100% true. So I always think it’s hilarious when people are stressing for the dumbest things or just straight wasting their energy. I want to live and experience life, I don’t want to think of what I’m gonna leave behind or if anyone remembers me. I am not living for anyone, I am living for and as myself, let me enjoy it and do it for me. If I can listen to great music, see stunning new places and continue to create great relationships with amazing people, I am good. I remember in a high school english class on the first day of school, the teachers ice breaker was to write down what you want people to think of you as or remember you by, I wrote down I want to be known as that free spirited boy next door, who doesn’t take himself or life too seriously, who literally just experiences life and loves the good people around him. On graduation day she said to me “I will always remember you as…” and proceeded to read exactly what I wrote. That was the first time I received flowers from another person and I was so happy to have created an amazing relationship with an incredibly inspiring woman.

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