Health Disparities in the LBGQT Community

Health Disparities in the LBGQT Community

The most surprising thing that I learned from this past lecture was how homosexuality was considered a disease that needed to be cured. Homosexuality is not something that simply started in the early 1900’s. Many of the early societies, such as the Greeks and Romans, fully embraced the entire spectrum of sexuality. I believe that one of the main reasons there was such a large stigma around being homosexual was the fact that it was considered a disease. Doctors take an oath to do no harm, but is it not harmful to tell someone their lifestyle is something that needs to be cured?

In my opinion, the main reasons there are health inequities in the LBGQT field is because of how current medical professionals treat them. Their are numerous cases of doctors mistreating these people whether it be misgendering them or blatantly refusing to treat them. These actions have dire consequences, in many cases these people end up dying or committing suicide. I believe that it is up to us as the next generation of medical professionals to reduce these disparities. What are your plans to help reduce health disparities in the LGBQT community in the future?

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  1. This lecture was very informational in my opinion because I was not that knowledgeable of the different definition and terms used in the LGBTQ community. I was not really shocked by the things that were said by several individuals who did not agree with the people who were involved in the LGBTQ community. Back in the day people had harsh opinions on this specific topic due to several things mainly religious beliefs. People are becoming more accepting of this community, but you still have a few that are completely against this. I was not completely shocked by the harsh comments because I have heard individuals say them before. Since I didn’t particularly know that the words they were using were insulting I did not speak up. After the lecture I felt bad and realize that by speaking up I could have possibly saved a life or built someone’s self-esteem up. Therefore, my plan to reduce health disparities in the LGBTQ community in the future is to becoming understanding of their community. Doing this will only help me in the future as a doctor because I would be prepared for the things that I see and I will know the necessary steps to work with them.

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