Concerning Past Events

Concerning Past Events

I would like to discuss the events that have happened recently on campus over global health this week for the blog post, because honestly, they have been on my mind a lot more than global health has. Racism is still a huge issue in society, even now reaching 60 years past the civil rights movement. I’m not sure whether or not the fliers and posters were hung by students of the University, and that troubles me. Every educated mind that was accepted here should have at least a basic understanding of equality between every race and gender, and if it is not known by students that equality is a right for all, it definitely should be. There should be more classes educating students about the benefits of diversity, as knowing about equality is just as important as knowing about math or science. It should also be noted that not everyone comes from places that are as diverse as Ann Arbor, and they may not be aware of different cultures. Although they may not be as culturally aware as others, we should neither be mad at them nor let them stay in this ignorant state: we should continue educating them. It is not always the fault of the person¬†themselves that they behave in a certain way; they may not understand or be educated by the benefits of a diverse world. The sad truth is that racism, among many other traits, may be so deeply ingrained in people without them noticing, and that’s where the problem lies. I believe to truly end racism, we need to end this tug-of-war state between races and begin cooperating and educating people, to show them that just because their parents felt a certain way does not make it right, and that equality is a basic right for humans. The yelling and the fighting have got us virtually nowhere. I am very saddened and frustrated by the hate that is happening in general after the incidents. This “back-and-forth” rhetoric between people of all backgrounds¬†continues to widen the schism, and when true compassion and love come out, I plan to see true equality for all.

My question for other bloggers: do you believe that there should be more educating and less fighting in incidents such as this? If not, why? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you everyone for listening as well, it was nice to type this one(: Have a good one!-Anthony Edgar

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  1. I appreciate your comments, Anthony. Certainly it is crucial to respect the viewpoints of our diverse community here at UM. Love or respect doesn’t always mean agreement with lifestyle or even particular personal characteristics, but basic integrity is key to maintaining harmony. I think many different facets of society contribute to racial stereotypes particularly for many minorities including Asian-Americans like myself, so education is a big thing to consider as we move forward.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    I agree with you that not everyone come from places as diverse as Ann Arbor. The diversity that I have seen on campus is plentiful, and it is truly amazing to be surrounded by it. However, the posted fliers with nasty comments promoting racism has for sure upset and negatively affected the emotional well-being of many people and the safe-learning environment that the university provides for us. The University of Michigan, in my opinion, does not lack diversity in any way, but certain individuals/groups here lack the ability to embrace the different cultures and values that each and every individual on campus holds. Yes, there are actions being taken to counteract the racist posters, however, it will never erase the anguish that has taken hold in many individuals.

    Do I believe that there should be more educating and less fighting against diversity? Yes, definitely. Courses and Clubs that helps educate others about diversity can open people’s minds and educate them in the true meaning of diversity and how to embrace everyone’s diverse stories. I believe that the existence and impacts of racism can be enervated, but I don’t believe that racism will one day completely cease to exist.

  3. I completely believe that there should be more educating and less fighting in situations like these. While it is important to voice your grievances caused by these hateful posters, I still think the most important thing is to educate people and not argue or fight about it. There are so many cultures in the world and depending on the culture that people follow, they have different traditions, beliefs, and ways of life. Out of ignorance and maybe even fear of the unknown, people tend to generalize one whole culture depending on the actions of a few people. For example, some people think it is right to associate Islam with terrorism. This belief comes from a lack of understanding of the culture and/or religion. Many people come from different backgrounds and societies, for example, they might come from less diverse or more diverse areas and this affects the way that they think. Implementing more classes and clubs whose goal is to educate and expose students to the various cultures around the world will definitely help in stopping this hateful behavior. Not everyone needs to agree with each other or even like each other, but at the very least, people should accept everyone’s differences and treat everyone as their equals.

  4. Hi Anthony, I enjoyed reading your blog post and got to say that I agree with just about everything you got to say. The sad truth is that there are people who have never been exposed to different races other than their own. This could lead to faulty generalizations. When people haven’t been exposed to different cultures, all they have to rely on are the stereotypes that are being told to them and I can’t blame them for doing that. I’ve done it before too, but have come to realize that I should always have an open mind. So like you I believe that the best way to act on all of this is by educating and not by fighting. One way I see the University of Michigan doing this is instead of having us do that Everfi Alcoholedu course over the summer they should have us doing something towards learning about new cultures which we will be exposed to in college and keeping an open mind, accepting and embracing the differences.

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