The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act

After reading President Obama’s JAMA article one thing that resonated with me was the decrease in the percentage of workers without an annual limit on out of pocket spending after the Affordable Care Act was enacted. In my opinion just seeing a significant decrease in the course of five years showed me that there actually is an effect by the changes they are making and that they are not all negative. I did research on both candidates health care policies and for the most part they were talking about same thing such as high quality, cheaper health care but there was a significant difference with both policies. In Hillary Clinton’s policies she actually had a plan such as wanting to crack down on drug companies whose prices are too high, this showed me that she is serious about health care and is looking for the best solution. As for Donald Trump all he discussed is how his healthcare plan will be great and better and repealing Obamacare but he doesn’t necessarily have a plan, his statements are very broad and they seem like empty promises to me so I would say I’m more so worried about Donald Trump’s health care plan. Two improvements for U.S. health care would be making it more inexpensive and adjusting the individual mandate because I don’t think anyone should be forced to buy expensive health insurance if they don’t want to. I think these improvements would improve U.S. health care and people would actually want to buy it rather than feeling obligated too.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I agree, the JAMA article was very effective in providing concrete evidence for the positive effects of the ACA. Assuming that the ACA is not repealed, I look forward to seeing continuing positive trends in coming years. In regards to the policies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I am certainly in favor of Clinton’s. I agree with the notion that drug companies need to be kept in check; in my opinion, they have veered too from the ideal of providing a good in hopes of improving the health of sick people to making profits in whatever way possible. I find Clinton’s proposed policies specific, altruistic, and reasonable as opposed to Trump’s.

  2. The dramatic improvements presented in the JAMA article also surprised me that a significant different like that could be seen in just five years. I think we have come a long way in the development of affordable health care, but still have many more obstacles to overcome. I hope the future legislators will recognize this and continue the trend of providing a service to the country and not try to make a profit from it. I am definitely more in favor of a presidential candidate that has a plan going into the office instead of saying that they will do things once they get into office. I certainly think that the cost of prescription drugs is a problem that needs to be addressed and it makes me feel better that one of the candidates has a plan to do something about it.

  3. I agree with your statements! I believe the changes that were made by the presidents in the past and present were not all negative. I believe we have been taking baby steps to figuring out what’s really beneficial and what is not. In this type of situation I don’t think there’s is one possible way to please everyone. At the end of the day someone is going to have something negative to say about what is going on. I am concerned about both of the president candidates health care policies, but I am less concerned about Clinton’s because like you said she actually has a plan. Trump is giving us several results, but not specific facts/steps on how are we really going to get to that goal. The U.S. Health Care System could work on being less expensive and it should give individuals the opportunity to decide if they want it or not. If they don’t have it and something ends up happening they could then blame themselves for not getting it because they had all opportunity to. The Health Care System is trying to get better, but as different president’s come in they all have differing opinions so it is like we start back at square one every four years.

  4. I agree with all statements! The Affordable Care Act has made significant progress over the past of couple of years. Looking back now, it is not perfect, but improvements have been made solving the challenges facing the US health care system such as access, affordability,
    and quality of care. Battling with so many opinions, and criticisms, it will be hard to come to a final conclusion of having a health care plan that will benefit everyone. Both candidate’s health care policies are not the best, but the difference among between the two is that Clinton does have a plan, while trump does not. Many individuals will decide based on this difference, but many will also be scared of the outcome. Therefore, I am also not sure that the U.S health care system can be improved with the constant disagreements. I agree, every four years it does feel like we are starting from scratch.

  5. Temi,

    You have done one of the smartest things I’ve seen; you have actually read the proposed policies of the candidates! As you note, both make similar claims, but have very different ways of approaching (or not approaching) the issue. I think it is so important, no matter what your beliefs or values are, to not take candidates at face value, but to do your own exploration and research of the topics. This is important for presidential elections, but really, for any elections.

    A+ for this!

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