One Giant Leap For Mankind

One Giant Leap For Mankind

The Journal of American Medical Association recently published an article with President Barack Obama as the author. In the Article, President Barack Obama discusses and reflects on his health care laws. Obama points out an interesting fact that since the Affordable Care Act the amount of non-insured people have declined by 43%, from 16.0% in 2010 to 9.1% in 2015. He also goes on to say that elderly men and women have gained access to health insurance through the expansion of Medicaid and this in turn reduced the debt by $600 to $1000. Obama states that there is still work to be done-which is true-and we should increase the competition in the marketplace and provide Medicare where there aren’t as many insurance providers to keep the costs low. Even though there is much debate on whether it was appropriate to let Obama publish his article on a medical journal, I thought it was very interesting and gave regular citizens like me a deeper look into the progress and impact of the Affordable Care Act.

Seventy years later we have seen such a huge amount of progress in Healthcare. What worries me is that if Donald Trump becomes president, he wants to take Obamacare and replace it with a Health Savings Account (HSA). What worries me with Donald Trump’s approach is that since it took us 70 years to progress in Healthcare, taking away Obamacare all together could push the country in the opposite direction. Right now we are still working on Healthcare, but if Donald Trump becomes President then we will be starting from square one. The country would have to start from the beginning and it might take another 70 years to get to where we are today. In my opinion we should keep working with Obamacare and except for repealing it all together, find solutions to the problems it has and improve it.

Two improvements that can be made in the healthcare system is first finding an easier way to access all the information on different insurance companies and finding a plan that fits best and second, find a way to keep people healthy rather than just treating them when sick. First we need to change our mind from seeing healthcare as a business, and looking at it as a basic human right that should be given to anyone. I believe that all political members need to put pride aside and find out the best plan for the good of the people and not their pockets.  

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  1. I found all these points addressed in the JAMA article to be interesting as well, but not necessarily surprising. The most surprising point I came across in this article was that health insurance helps Americans to lead better, healthier lives simply because they can afford health care. I have never thought about health insurance creating this type of comfortability for individuals and families in this way.

    I also agree that Trump’s policies concerning health care are worrisome. If we attempt to change our health care/insurance policies every time a new president – or even party for that matter – takes office, we will never experience the necessary improvements to any health care system. The ACA is not perfect, and would benefit from either candidate spending time improving its flaws.

  2. The greatest take away from President Obama’s JAMA article for me was seeing how much it has done. When the Affordable Care Act came out, I only heard about how the negatives such as, how big of a failure the website was or about the fear of how it attacks health care providers. Therefore, my attitude towards the ACA was solely based on half of the story. However, when I read the article, I was introduced to the other side. I was shocked to see what it is doing and has done already for millions of people.

    Based on the knowledge of how long it takes to get from square one to passing a health care reform bill, rather than scrapping existing bills, I believe that it is more efficient and wise to add on and improve these bills. All bills have strong points and weak points. There is no bill that is going to be the silver bullet that touches and fixes all of the problems. However, if the future president and the United States government can take the ACA and continue to improve it little by little, it will become stronger and more well rounded.

    An improvement that can make the ACA better is focusing more on preventive medicine. It would be better to attack the disease or illness at the beginning stages than waiting for patients to visit their doctor when they are very sick. There needs to be a plan to stop sicknesses early and keep people healthier longer.

  3. In President Obama’s JAMA article, I too found the numbers interesting. I was most interested by the fact that the number pf people without insurance has dropped so much since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I obviously knew that the act had a major effect on our population, but I was not aware that the number of people without insurance has dropped by 43%. Other than that point I didn’t find the article overly surprising. It’s clear that the ACA has accomplished a lot since being introduced. It’s obviously not perfect, but I agree with the statement that it would be better to continue to amend it then to throw it out and start over. We should not have to continue to start anew when a new president is elected into office, a system should be put in place and then changed when it needs to be. We already have the system in place, and hopefully our next president will continue to make it better for everyone.

  4. I completely agree with your statements on Donald Trump. If he wins the election seventy years of hard work could essentially be thrown away. On the other hand, I think Hillary Clinton would do a good job improving the Affordable Care Act and eliminating its flaws.

    I also like your two ways that health care can be improved, particularly your point of avoiding sickness rather than treating a person when they are sick. If we can keep people as healthy as possible for as long as possible there would be less reliance on health care. I think a way that this can be done is the encouragement of yearly check ups with a doctor and education on how to be a more health person.

  5. Politicians get so caught up in what their party agrees with that they forget about the goal of the health care system. Instead of creating a healthy and happy environment, people just want to “win” the debate. No matter what side of the debate you are on, you can’t disagree with the fact that the percent of uninsured Americans has gone down. After so many years of ups and downs and never getting things done, the health care system has finally moved in the right direction. Instead of starting all over, I agree that both parties should attempt to work together. Although they have different ideas, the main goal should be consistent, to save lives and promote healthy living. Another big improvement to the health care system should be educating people on their options. Just like many other things in the government. Most people don’t know very much, thus can’t make the best decision for themselves.

  6. I agree that starting from square one would not be best for our country. It took so long to get to where we are now, that we don’t have time to start from scratch when there are people who can’t afford necessary medical treatments. I also agree that having a space to compare different health care plans would be helpful, because many Americans are uninformed of all the options. Lastly, great point about focusing on keeping people healthy instead of only treating the sick! I think educating populations on how to maintain a healthy well-being is the most important (and beneficial) thing to invest in.

  7. I agree that it was interesting for President Obama to write this article himself. It shows just how much health care means to him, and in return makes health care somewhat important to me. It would be a really bad move to start over health care programs from square because of how long it has taken. The only way it would work for Trump is if he just continues the health care system set in place and slowly changes it, but hopefully he won’t get that opportunity. As for Clinton, I like that she is keeping the system set in place and wants to improve it even more. It would definitely save a lot of people who already have health care insurance or are hoping to get insured through Obamacare a lot of heartache. I think it is really smart to improve the system by creating preventative plans and not just treating them when they are sick. I also think America needs to look at developed countries around us and try to figure out ways to give insurance to everyone, and maybe allow people to choose plans ranging from free to higher priced depending on benefits and how likely a person may need treatment.

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