The Ongoing Struggle

The Ongoing Struggle

Before Thursday’s class I had already been given a lot of education on a lot of what was presented. I found it interesting that it had been brought up again. My parents always hear my rants on the need and struggle to reform the health care system. I feel as though the biggest struggle that was presented through the videos and the history would be the conflict of opposing ideas. I do not know about all of you, but no matter what you believe there is going to be someone out there that does not agree. I thought there were great ideas from some politicians that were shot down by groups of the opposing political party. I think that is seen a lot with the candidates today. Our generation will be one of the most politically involved, which is nothing bad at all. I hope everyone learned more and that everyone develops their own opinions whether they are the same or not.

I believe that the biggest failure we have in health care reform is our ambition. We Americans can get caught up in what we want and our minds can go a hundred miles per hour with our great ideas. Sometimes there needs to be smaller steps in order to reach a bigger goal. Maybe the opposing party in Congress would be more willing to pass laws that were slower in their progression. Nobody wants to jump right in to health care that is socialized. I would say that the biggest failure would have to be during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Of course there were several other attempts, but a card that guarantees health care to all definitely had a red flag to the Republicans. There was less advocating for how it would be achieved and once it was given to Hillary Clinton the issue died off again. There was a lot of follow through to an end goal due to other issues or the fact that it was no longer the presidents time in office.

Though the struggle for reform has been a long one with many failures, there has been recent success. “Obamacare” or the Affordable Care Act would have to be the biggest success. Yes, a lot of you read this and may believe “how do you believe that?” There are faults in the act, but the fact that it has been published is the biggest success in any reform. The fact that there is any change in the first place is something to be thankful for. Now that it is actually a part of the system now, it can be changed and altered. There isn’t a need to draw up anything from scratch and to continue such a long process once again. I think it’s pretty significant that we are living through this because just as it was said in class, it has been a very long process.

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  1. The main difficulty I think is the polar nature of American politics that often means any major change is hard to get passed due to strong opposition from the opposing party. I would agree being overambitious is a definite weakness of health care reform, but i think it was also a lack of understanding about how health care worked, and would work after changes are made. The politicians making decisions do not get enough actual doctors involved in the process I think and instead it mostly comes down to politics. The only major success I would consider are Truman’s and Johnson’s Changes to health care as while later changes were made they were often a mix of benefits and harms, as i fear the affordable care act will turn out to be, though I consider it far too early to be sure about its effects.

    1. In my opinion, one of the biggest problem in American politics is America’s fear of socialism. The problem also lies in what the hospital’s objective. What is their objective you may ask? Well, it is not to help people. Their main purpose for existing is to make a profit. If we socialized medicine this issue would go away. However, for this to completely work this is not the only issue at hand. The doctors have a valid argument in the sense that they want to make enough money to pay off their massive student loans. In order to combat this, an education must also be affordable. Only then can we have a balanced system where doctors and patients can afford giving and receiving care. I believe socialized health care is the only way to take medicine from a money making scheme into an institution that genuinely cares about the people it saves.

  2. I would agree that the opposition from differing political parties is the main reason why health care reform has been such a tedious and slow-moving struggle. I think that the catch-phrase that really seems to strike fear into people with regards to health care is when it is called “socialized medicine”. Some people are afraid of socialism or being called a socialist and so are naturally against this idea. Once people realize the difference between the broad idea of socialism and the much better subset of socialized medicine, the future of health care will move forward at a greater pace.

    I respectfully disagree, however, that our ambition has been our greatest failure. I think that it is because of the ambition of former President Clinton to initiate the conversation of health care again which has made such policies as the Affordable Care Act possible. I would say that the biggest failure in health care was not getting it to people sooner because it is a wonderful program which could have been helpful to so many people in the past and likely would have saved many lives.

  3. I feel as if the biggest challenge as the U.S has tried to improve the health care system is attempting too satisfy everyone. and especially not health care I feel as if presidents should have tried to satisfy the majority instead of going with what they think is best. I agree when you say that the biggest failure we have in health care reform is our ambition. I feel as if the majority of presidents just tried to rush the health care reform situation just to satisfy the public. I feel as if by rushing right into it, they are not truly satisfying the public’s needs and I think it was a way to suppress the public’s voice until it was someone else’s problem. Another failure in the U.S health care reform would have to be that the Affordable Care Act does not require employers to provide health coverage. In my own opinion I feel as if employers should be required to provide at least some kind of health coverage especially if it is a big company where they have the expenses to provide health coverage.

    1. i never really realized how far health care reform has come until the guy said that the one who began isn’t even alive to see it actually pass through. That’s kind of sad actually. Poor dude just wanted to see some reformed health care and the butting heads and disagreemeants and pride got in the way. To quote Kim Kardashian, “Tragic”. Any taking that into mind you begin to appreciate how great of a thing is that the affordable care act actually got to go through. That is pretty special that we are living through that in our young lives. It probably definitely will change again and that’s sort of scary to think of. Many other successful and chill countries are striving with their health cares. I think its a little crazy how our country will always be on the fence. Health is like a human right, sort of. Like everyone is human we should allow everyone access to it no matter what.

  4. I would have to agree that the main problem that I came to realize from the lecture on health care reform is that too many people disagree. Thus, nothing gets accomplished because some people will not compromise. Although this type of behavior is to be expected, especially when there are so many political parties. As of today, representatives are under the control of major companies who would not want everyone to get medical care. Ambition to me is not the biggest set back because as mentioned above a lot of presidents tried to get health care for all. It’s just a very hard topic. The concept of having everyone in America have some type of health care will never be accomplished. This goal will never be accomplished because there will always be something that goes wrong. For instance, the president gets murdered or the website is trash. A success of health care is that it has in a way helped a lot of citizens. However, the debt that has come from the health care system is enormous, but worth it in my opinion.

  5. I think that, even more than just ambition, an even bigger challenge is opposition among the political parties. Many politicians and even Americans in general are so keen on maintaining party loyalty that they overlook the actual thoughts coming from each party. This makes it difficult for any major change or reform to occur because it is always met with strong opposition from the other party, sometimes for the sole reason that the idea came from the opposing party and therefore they are not “allowed” to support it. I do agree that Obamacare is the biggest success in health reforms so far because it is published. Since it has been established, it leaves a lot of room for improvement and growth, but at least it isn’t something that has to be started from scratch anymore. Obamacare provides a base structure for health care reform and from this time onwards, there is only room for growth and improvement of the reform.

  6. I agree that sometimes our ambitions in health care are a bit too much for us to achieve. Some expectations for reform are too high to be passed. I agree that it would be easier if everyone agreed to take smaller steps towards a bigger goal. Gradual change is much easier to accomplish than a sudden, huge change. People would also be more accepting of new health plans if they were slowly introduced instead of being forced into them. The healthcare reforms should also be able to appeal to those who need it the most. Those who cannot afford healthcare should be able to benefit most from health reforms.

    I also agree that though there has been failure, there has also been some recent success. Obamacare has been successful in the past few years. Even though it has had some flaws, no plan is perfect and this plan has had the biggest success so far. As time goes on, health reforms should get better for everyone.

  7. I agree, our ambitions do get in the way of progress in legislature and reformation. We want to move things as fast as possible, but sometimes taking the time to fully process and understand the impact of certain ideas is far more beneficial than seeing only the short-term benefits. Healthcare is an extremely important topic, and it must be handled cautiously and wisely. Although ambition is the driving force behind action, the steps in between cannot be bypassed. Another issue that we face is the political ideological divide between the parties. Without a cohesive and similar mindset between the parties, it becomes difficult to compromise and come to a clear conclusion in a short period of time. I also agree that Obamacare is successful because even though there is room for improvement, the fact that there is progress in healthcare reformation is a milestone. It serves as the foundation for future acts and progress in this area.

  8. The History of Health Care reform has been a long process over the years. I agree that our ambition can get in the way to our goal because many get distracted by other activities that one will forget the purpose of it. Unfortunately, with many people disagreeing over the ideas/opinions it will not get us very far as a country, and, thus, it will be difficult to establish a law that can benefit everyone. This also will be disagreed because not everyone will be satisfied by any outcome.

    The only thing that one can do is strive to collaborate and come to consensus, I would hope. This country needs to go forward, but with many disagreeing, in which everyone has a right to, it will become very difficult as this generation is becoming politically involved.

  9. I agree with many of the points you made in this post. I think the most important thing you talked about was that as a people, our collective ideas consistently get in the way of our goals. As you stated, time after time we keep hindering our progress by getting caught up in specifics, while in reality we should all just be focusing on the end goal – the well-being of our people. I had never before thought about what you said towards the end of your post, about how the fact that change happened is a good thing, even if there are potentially flaws in the act. Now that I think about this, I see your reasoning here, and I agree with you. It is so amazing that anything finally happened and even if there are things that can be improved, we can build from here. We now have a baseline to go off of and we as a people can amend that baseline and improve it over time. It would be foolish to throw all of our progress out of the window now. I think we should improve it while we still can, instead of starting over.

  10. One of the most surprising things I learned in class was the number of years it took to get any type of health care legislation passed. With such a large divide between political parties, I can see where it would only become harder and harder to pass something that everyone agrees with. For this reason, I agree that we should not start from scratch, as this would indeed take a very long time.

  11. I think all of you on this thread really did a great job thinking about the challenges of passing health care policy in the U.S.

    Although there is a lot of disagreement and contention, keep thinking about what you as a citizen can do to make sure your voice is heard (now, and when you are in the health care workforce).

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