Health Care Reform – Don’t Hold Your Breath

Health Care Reform – Don’t Hold Your Breath

Based off of the information we learned in class, and in my opinion, the biggest challenges in America’s attempt to reform health care have been distractions and Congressional opposition. Since the Truman administration, health care reform has been at the forefront of both the American and governing mind. Americans have proven this by voicing their concern and disapproval for the health care systems we’ve encountered through out history. Presidents have proven this by addressing health care reform in State of the Union Addresses, speaking at rallies, and touring to promote their reforms. Despite the passion our country has for this issue, it took almost 70 years for legislation to pass. Time and time again, our executive branch (Kennedy, Clinton, Obama) was met with strong opposition from Congress, or were called to other events. Elections, scandals, and general lack of support all deterred us from American health care reform.

I think that the biggest failure in health care reform was simply how long it took for our government to come together to enact legislation. Too often partisan politics or even individual politicians stood in the way of reforming our health care system, which is a loss for everyone; because it took so long to get the ball rolling, it will now take even longer to build and improve on the Affordable Care Act that is now in place.

On the other hand, I think that the biggest success in U.S. health care reform has been the perseverance of our nation’s presidents to reform this system. As noted in class, it took many years of drafting, refining, and recycling ideas to finally enact ObamaCare. However, if it were not for the many leaders that set the stage, paved the way, and started the conversations around health care reform, this effort could’ve died a long time ago.


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  1. I agree completely with the idea that the biggest challenges America has faced in health care reform are Congressional opposition, and especially the distractions. It seems like no matter what is getting voted on or what’s trying to be passed, our Congress can never get anything done. And if they do get something done, then it often takes forever for them to get it done. Also from the beginning every President that has tried to pass anything related to health care has had something distract them, or something more important come up. Health care wasn’t the main focus during the time before the Affordable care act. It was always in the discussion, or talked about here and there, but ultimately there was always something more important on the President’s mind.

    I also agree with your statement of the biggest failure in health care reform being how long it took our legislation to take action. You could almost go one step further and say the biggest failure in health care reform is the government itself. Our government is supposed to be this mighty group that will do what’s best for the country, not what’s best for their political party.

    And I don’t completely agree with your last statement that the greatest success in health care reform has been the perseverance of our Presidents. I see how this helped but, I believe if they did want our health care system to be reformed it could have happened much faster. I don’t believe they cared enough about it to say they’re the biggest success. I’d say the biggest success is the passing of the Affordable care act. Yeah the Presidents before the Affordable care act built it up, but it took one group of legislation, and one President to finally step up and finally pass something.

  2. ACA is particularly detrimental, however, for health professionals and the middle class. People are being dumped into Medicaid, and the government only pays around 56% of what private insurers pay ( This burdens the middle class because premiums go up, doctors are forced to worry about red tape and regulations instead of patients, decreasing health care autonomy. Underprivileged communities do suffer from the ACA because they are trapped oppressively under the federal poverty line. Once they cross the poverty line threshold, their premiums will take a huge hike like the rest of America. ACA’s goals are great, but the means do not produce beneficial results in any way.

  3. I agree, that congressional opposition is and was one of the biggest challenges of health care reforms. During class I couldn’t help but ask myself how it was possible that everyone seemed to want a better and reformed health care system yet as soon as elections came close it was too risky an idea to pursue if the candidate wanted to keep or attract the majority of the voters.

    I do agree with you that the time it took to pass the Affordable Care Act was one of the biggest failures in U.S. health care reform. A matter of such high importance as the U.S. health care reform should have never taken as long as it did to be passed.

    I will have to disagree with you on your last point. The health care reform has clearly not been the most precedent issue on the former presidents’ minds. Otherwise the health care reform would have never taken as long as it did to be passed. I feel like the biggest success might be the American people who have always made sure that the American health care system did not stay as it was and that the idea of a reform remained on the presidents’ minds and wasn’t completely forgotten.

  4. Health care seems to be the United States’ worst enemy. It appears that no matter what steps are taken, or who is in office, our health care system is just not up to par with other nations. I agree with your statement about nothing ever seeming to get done in congress. It is as if all of the viewpoints and fine critique of plans is actually against our favor. Perhaps in our future, we will find a more effective and efficient system of what we now know as the legislative branch.

    Furthermore, I would have to agree with you and disagree with Justin. I think our presidents who have aimed to reform health care have tried everything in their absolute power to do so, and the blame falls into the hands of congress for halting and slowing the plans to make health care policies and adjustments. Our presidents produced plans for systems of health care continuously, only to be opposed by congress. If it were not for these oppositions, I believe we would have a much more developed and successful health care system in the United States.

  5. I agree with your point that the country’s biggest failure in healthcare is the amount of time it took Congress to pass health care legislation. Congress seems to prioritize insignificant political party divisions over the wellbeing of the American population. Our government needs to find a more effective way to compromise and learn to do things for the common good of the nation.

    I also agree with your statement that US presidents have been very persistent in working to reform health care in the United States. Although it took nearly 70 years to pass health care legislation, it was eventually accomplished due to several presidents’ perseverance.

    However, America still has much to improve on when it comes to health care information. Many Americans are still not aware of what their health care policies contain or include. Health care always seems to include complicated language that only legislators or health care employees can understand. Better education about health care is needed to help Americans fully utilize their health care plans.

  6. I completely agree that the biggest struggle in US Health Care Reform has been Congressional Opposition. I find it ridiculous how so many politicians fail to serve their constituents by not working for the greater good of the country. The need for universal healthcare has been very apparent for years, yet the only thing that held us back was opposition from the people who we elected to get the job done.
    I also agree that the biggest failure has been the amount of time it has taken to get legislation passed. There were many instances in which we, as nation, were so close to securing health care for our county yet nothing happened. Bill Clinton said is best when he explained how we were one of the only major industrial countries without some sort of health care system in place for our citizens. There is no acceptable reason as to why it has taken this long for a health care plan to be in place for Americans. Thus, this is why I agree that the amount time it has taken for legislation to be passed is the biggest failure.
    Our greatest success has definitely been “Obamacare.” Although it is not flawless, it is a building block to the change that America needs in health care reform. The passage of “Obama Care” is just the beginning of great things to come for health care in America.

  7. Based off of the learnings from class, as well as outside knowledge and research, I believe that one of the biggest challenges for America, has been that there is rarely a cohesive answer with all branches of government. The idea of Healthcare Reform has been around through many different presidential terms and decades. But there has been some push back whether from Congress or from other individuals in government. Although the idea of healthcare sounds perfect to some communities and groups of people, there has always been a challenge since the time the idea was proposed.
    I think that the biggest failure with U.S. Health reform has been that it exposes the weakness and stubborn ways of our government. I feel that if the individuals that were disputing the idea should have put their pride aside and thought about the good that this policy could really enforce. And instead of disputing it, work with each other to receive a policy that they all have a part in.
    Even though that I feel this is one of the biggest failures. One of the biggest successes, is also what it shows about our government. Because of the fact that the idea of Health Care Reform has taken so long to actually make progress and become a policy that the American people can actually use and benefit from, it exposes how hard our presidents as well as other individuals in our government system will work extremely hard to get what they feel is necessary for the American People.

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