Week 1 – On Purpose

Week 1 – On Purpose

To answer the question of what I think is “my purpose” is very challenging. I have not fully figured out what my purpose is yet, but what I do know is that I really enjoy working with kids and helping people. I feel that I can do this through practicing medicine; however, I am not one-hundred percent sure that this is my passion because I have had minimal experience. Thus, I would like to gain more experience while exploring other options outside my comfort zone to make sure that medicine is my true passion. The main excuses I have made are that I am sleeping/too lazy to do the work necessary to follow my passion or that I am not smart enough to be divergent from the status quo. The best way I can think of to combat my laziness is to think about how each step in my career brings me closer to my passion. Larry’s conclusion to his talk with the word “unless” leaves the audience with a cliffhanger in the middle of a phrase because each person has own unique ending to that sentence. The key is finding and knowing the right combination of words to complete it, catered to their specific self and interests.

4 thoughts on “Week 1 – On Purpose

  1. My purpose in life is still being searched for. Vic Strecter defines purpose as a product of goals and values. I haven’t quite been able to connect my goals and values together yet to find a purpose. What I do know about my values is that I want to be surrounded and helping with people when working and my end goal is make a difference in many peoples lives. Pursuing a career in health services, I think, is a very good way to achieve my goal and fulfill my values.

    My most used excuse is that I don’t have time or that I am busy. I use those excuses to procrastinate on homework or studying. I think being in an environment with many people that are serious about school and the competition will help me overcome my procrastination. That’s a strong reason why I have being working harder than I have for school.

    Larry’s talk was about how people fail to have a great career because we are afraid to follow our passions. I think when he said “unless”, he just straight-forwardly means unless we make moves and stop being scared and embarrassed of things we are passionate about.

    – Elexis Hoffmann

  2. Hi Andrew, I think it is interesting that you seem to associate your purpose with doing something you enjoy. I think this is definitely important because we need to enjoy doing something to be able to do our best, just like the presenter seemed to express. I also believe that thinking about the future is an effective way to motivate ourselves, as you were expressing in your post. Finally, I thought your idea of everyone taking the word “unless” on a separate path was very insightful and I agree especially with this idea.

  3. I agree that it is hard to truly understand your purpose, because most of us haven’t even had the chance to figure that out yet. We have an idea of what we want to pursue, or what we “think” that we want to do, but its hard for me to decide my purpose when I don’t even have all my goals and aspirations figured out. I definitely think that going outside my comfort zone is important, so that you decide what you are truly passionate for, instead or going off the general idea I have from what little I’ve done and experienced.

  4. Like everyone else has mentioned, I think that finding your purpose can be a challenging and frustrating process. I believe that one’s purpose should be something that he/she is passionate about while also being something that can motivate someone throughout his/her life. For me, my purpose is not yet defined. I think that my career path will be a big part of what my purpose in life ultimately ends up being. Because I have not yet chosen a career, my purpose is still undefined. I do however value feelings such as happiness, success, and passion. I am confident that whatever purpose I end up discovering for myself will prioritize these three values and everything that falls under them.

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