Week 1- On Purpose

Week 1- On Purpose

  1. What do you think your purpose is? How will you find it if you don’t know? How will you maintain or change it if you do know?
  2. What excuses do you use in your life? How can you combat against these excuses and continue to push forward toward your passion?
  3. What do you think Larry means when he finishes his talk with the word “unless?”

My purpose in life is a concept that I’ve never thought about well other than the religious aspect of it. Thinking about it now makes me realize that I don’t actually have one yet. I think this is due to being in the same environment for almost all of my life as well as having no real mentor (career wise) in my life. There’s my father who is the person that I try to mimic most of my personality traits. Things like being honest, caring, trustworthy, hardworking and an all around great guy. However, life never gave him the opportunity to think about his passions so he just works for family. I think I’ll be able to find it if I go out and experience things out of my comfort zone or things that are just different.

I have used many excuses throughout my life from the real to the ridiculous. Usually, I blame it on my laziness or do the mistake of comparing myself to others (because everyone is different). I combat these excuses by just picturing myself at the end goal whatever it might be and see the reactions of my friends and family. It gives me a very big morale boost. At the end of the TED talk, I believe Larry finishes it with “unless” to get the audience thinking of what they can do in order to have a great career. People learn more when they come up with the solution themselves rather than getting the answer hand fed. My question for you all is how has your role model who ever it might be, helped your path to finding a purpose?

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  1. My role model(s) often changes with the environment I’m in, but they’ve all helped me grow and find my purpose in their own ways. For example, at home I look up to my mom and sister who are both accomplished and strong women. Through their strength they have empowered me to believe in myself enough to be ambitious and pursue my true passions: fighting for Women’s Rights and becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

    In a professional setting I strive to be like a coworker who does everything at 110%. She has the biggest heart for others, always putting them before herself. I believe that part of my purpose in life is to serve and accept others, and she has helped me discover that.

    I have been fortunate enough to have guidance from many different corners of my life for a few years now. I am so grateful for the role models I have encountered because my purpose and ambitions might look different with out them.

  2. After being asked what my true purpose in life is, I realized it is a very hard question to answer. The reason it is hard for me to answer is different than your reason. I feel that I have many purposes rather than just one distinct purpose in life. However, if I had to select one clear purpose for my life I feel that that it is to help others, specifically through health care and charity. I have always been a strong science student and by becoming a doctor I will have a unique opportunity to help people. I also feel that my purpose in life has to do with helping those who are not as fortunate as I am. For that reason I believe in donating to charities both monetarily and through community service. As to your question, my role models in life are my mother and father. They have always stressed the importance of education and being a good person. This has shaped my morals and values to make me the person I am today. Whenever I am faced with an important decision in life, I turn to what my parents would do. Generally, that involves the obvious, calling my mother. However, to know what my father would do requires a little more thought because he passed away four years ago. The values he has instilled in me still stick with me. That being said, my parents have been and will forever be my role models in life.

  3. To answer your question, my mother serves as my role model in two very important parts of my life. She is my model for what makes a good mother and nurturer, but she is also my role model as a nurse.

    My mother has shown me that her loving heart and compassionate tendencies help her succeed as a nurse because she genuinely wants to help people. She has greatly helped me find my purpose in my life by showing me that you can make your passion into a career. She helped me recognize my passion for taking care of people. She noticed how I love to tell stories about my adventures in babysitting for multiple families around our neighborhood. She helped me realize that I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner because I love to care for children.

    My mom is the type of person that always puts others before herself. By watching her and noticing how she cares for her family, I am able to see why she is so successful as a nurse and why she loves her job so much. She has helped me see that I want to translate my compassion into a career and help others just like she does.

  4. I totally identify with this post. My purpose in life is only something I have thought about very recently, but I don’t believe that it is something that I decided for myself. Personally, my purpose has been shaped by my religion and my mom as a role model. Because I always saw my mom sacrificing for the people around her, caring for others more than she did herself, and working tirelessly, I took on these traits for myself as my purpose. But as for a specific purpose, like being a doctor, I’m not sure if it really is my purpose or just an idea that I love. I know that being a doctor was a dream of my mother’s that she never got to live out. I think that’s why I have always grown up with the dream of being a doctor, because I know that my mom wanted to. I think being a doctor would be my way of giving back to my mom. I do believe that eventually I will learn my purpose the more I discover myself and make mistakes, which I will learn from.

  5. Growing up, I didn’t only have one role model. During kindergarten, I looked up to every adult whose occupation was a lawyer because I thought I was going to become a lawyer. When I was 9, my math teacher was my role model because I was determined to become a teacher who could influence children’s education. Now, my biggest role models and supporters are my parents. My parents always motivate me and encourage me to follow my dreams even if I don’t particularly know what that means to me as of right now. Both my parents possess qualities that I aspire to be in life. For example, my dad is an honest, caring, and kind soul who is always guiding and steering me in the right path. My mom is a strong, independent, and intelligent figure in my life. Their qualities inspire me to be the best person I can be, motivate me to strive for my goals, and allow me to find my purposes in life (I personally believe that humans live with more than one purpose in life).

  6. I believe that we all have a purpose in life but some people choose to search far and wide for it, and others simply don’t care. For me, I can’t say what my purpose is yet but I am, looking for it. I am in no rush to find my purpose in life because I am still learning the fundamentals and grasping basic knowledge of how to survive on my own. When will I find my purpose? I know not. But I do know that when I do find it, I will defiantly know. Whether it is a defining or life changing moment or a gradual change that leans me in the right direction, I will feel confident in my purpose. And I also believe it is possible to not know your purpose in life until you look back and realize what your purpose has been all along whether you knew it or not.

    I, like many others, have used numerous excuses to get out of things that I didn’t want to do. I have used “I’m too tired” or “I don’t really feel like it” too many times. I have come to realize that most things I dread prior to doing, I end up not thinking it was as bad as I made it seem after the fact. That is true with pursuing my dreams and passions too because it may seem like a difficult road to achieve my dreams but it wont be as bad as I make it seem if I try. Even if I truly don’t want to do something, if I do it anyway it isn’t the end of the world and most of the time I end up gaining something from it.

    Larry’s speech was beyond inspiring, and Dr. Strecher only pushed the bar higher with his too. When Larry ended his speech with unless, he left a world of possibilities open. He intentionally left such an ambiguous word at the end of his speech so that the audience can interpret it in the way that they choose. This is metaphoric for the idea that each member of the audience of that speech, can interpret their own passions and goals and pursue them however they would like.

  7. I can relate to not yet knowing what your purpose is. I too have grown up in the same environment my whole life and feel there are too many things I have not yet learned to truly know my purpose. Now is a good time to find new interests and discover passions you never expected. For example, I am currently blogging for the first time in my life. I enjoy it and feel that it may even be part of my purpose.
    My role model growing up was my grandmother. She was a relentless giver, who not only donated her money but also her time. She owned a home for the disabled, and I got to see how her caring and hardworking character made a true difference in the lives of others. This inspired me to pursue a career in medicine, where I hope to do the same. After being diagnosed with cancer, my grandmother became a black belt in karate and frequent skydiver, which inspired me to live life to the fullest and be adventurous. I still do not know my purpose. However, because of her, I know that it will involve caring for others and living an exciting life.

  8. I can relate to having religion being a big part of purpose. While the things I do have secular and personal meaning, I try to do things more for the glory of God. I have often thought about my purpose in life and what I want to do in the future. Most of it involves helping people and educating others on different social issues. I really want to work with kids and be able to establish some kind of mentorship where I can help them realize their own purpose. I am really passionate about the social and academic achievement of minority students and I want to be able to help them in those areas, but also help them have a relationship with God if that’s something they are looking for.

    My mom is my role model and almost everything I have learned, I learned from her. She is what motivates me to do my best and to make a difference frothier people. I want to be as great an influence in someone else’s life like she is in mine.

  9. I can relate to this because I also have not found my purpose yet. I think finding our purpose requires a lot of experiences to make. With experiences comes many memories in which little by little we start finding out the things we like or dislike.
    My role model is my doctor in which she has helped me a lot through out the years. It feels great knowing one can have someone to depend on and lean on for support. She hasn’t really helped me find my purpose yet because I am still trying to find it on my own, but when I do, I know I’ll be happy and satisfied where I am in my life. Finding one’s purpose is probably the most rewarding knowing that you mean something in the world.

  10. My role models are constantly changing and being added to the list. I feel like it’s important to have a huge variety of role models because you can learn a little something special and useful from everyone. My role models help me develop my purpose through constantly inspiring and giving me new motivation through their achievements. I think through some things they do, you find a little more out about yourself. So I look at what they do and think to myself that I can do it and see what comes of that.

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