Week 1-On Purpose: Johnathan Nguyen

Week 1-On Purpose: Johnathan Nguyen

What do you think your purpose is? How will you find it if you don’t know? How will you maintain or change it if you do know? What excuses do you use in your life? How can you combat against these excuses and continue to push forward toward your passion? What do you think Larry means when he finishes his talk with the word “unless?”

I was the struck with the idea of “what is MY PURPOSE in life?” I haven’t really thought much of it until Dr. Strecher heavily emphasized that I am the one who gets to decide what steps I take to to have a purpose which revolves around having a goal along with what my values are. I think my purpose in life is to grow up, learn, serve, and give back to people like my mom who gave her all, my family, my friends, my community, and those who have helped walk and guide me where I stand today. I could have not possibly have made it to Michigan without the encouragement and support of those who would believe in me even though I may have doubts at times.  I’m still in the hazy process of determining what my purpose in life is. Things that I might do I’m still unsure would be explore. I am in control of my life and I need to get the full experience of this world to truly figure out where my passions lay. Sticking with my current purpose now, I would maintain it by always striving to do well in school and hope to come back and serve those who has given me the encouragement and support to get here. 

Excuses that I have used is that I always have time to figure stuff out and procrastinate a bit. That’s not true sometimes. Also, I would discourage myself many times when I didn’t do as well as I hope so I would use the excuse of a bad experience or failure to explain that I am not good enough for this. In order to combat this, I have to remind myself that I got here to Michigan for a reason. We are the Leaders and the Best. Talk to someone, find support and encouragement within the community. Nice thoughts are what always keep me going. 

After watching the video of the Ted Talk by Larry, he ended on a particular word which is “Unless…” I think that this cliffhanger word leaves us to answer what I need to do get a great job. We as a people have to make some changes in our lives in order to get that job that we so desire using our goals and values to make a purpose and impact in our lives. We need to make the most of it in order to be successful. 

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  1. I am on the same page as you in terms of “discovering” what my purpose is; there are SO many things out there that I have yet to learn/experience, and I want to take the beginning of my college career as an opportunity to discover new things and open up my boundaries. Nonetheless, whatever my purpose ends up being, I hope that I will be able to give back to my family and community…. Something that I’ve personally realized recently is that it is so easy to get caught up in the moment–especially now when we are experiencing so many new things–and to forget about how we wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for the many people who have supported us with unconditional love along the way. Keeping this in the back of my mind will definitely motivate me to always stay positive, strong, and on top of things throughout my first year at UMich.

  2. I agree with you on several points. I think a big purpose for everyone’s lives is to grow and learn throughout them. We can’t become stagnant in our education, because that’s when we become uneducated and ignorant. I completely agree that to discover your passions in life, you have to explore the world. How can you know what you’re passionate about if you haven’t even experience most of what’s out there? I think that’s one of the reasons umich is so great; we have the opportunity to explore and pursue so many different things while receiving a wonderful education.

  3. My grandparents were farmers (not like individual farmers in this country though). My grandfather swallowed humiliation during the Cultural Revolution to keep his job and my grandmother did men’s load of work to increase the family income. They did this to keep my father and his brother in school. When they went to university and needed tuition, my grandparents resolutely sold the house and moved to the city — meaning that they would lose the farm along with the source of income. They gave everything to my dad and my uncle. After a series of reforms, the government started to value the capabilities of intellectuals like them. They caught this opportunity and lived better lives than my grandparents did.
    My parents went through almost 20 years of hard work to reached the positions they were in. The accumulation of effort from anonymous university students to prominent figures in their fields was indescribable. Two years ago they decided to sacrifice their careers, their friends and families and immigrated to this country so that I and my sister can live in an environment without air pollution, toxic food and bureaucracy (relatively).
    That makes my purpose very clear — reimburse my parents and grandparents’ sacrifice through my love and accomplishments while giving my children everything I can to make them successful.

    1. I also hadn’t really thought much of a purpose for myself until recently- convocation actually sparked the thought for me. I hadn’t realized just how many wonderful people had come out of this institution and the fact that we all have that same opportunity puts a possible purpose in our futures: to succeed and live up to the name “Leaders and the Best”.

      I really related with your paragraph on excuses and believe that we all should support each other and provide those “nice thoughts” you mentioned to people as much as we can.

      I think the greatest thing I personally took from the lecture from Dr. Strecher was that everyone has a purpose. Regardless of how minuscule that purpose may seem, it still matters. We can pick and choose what we value and work around that and I find it amazing that we are all given that huge opportunity: to truly decide who we are, what we stand for, and how we will fulfill our goals with regard for the things we stand for.

  4. Before i came to the Unviersity of Michaign my purpose was clear. I had tjhe set mindset of becoming a doctor, but first majoring in chemistry. However, as i look at my life i realize that I am not connected to my purpose as iu used to be. Its not a clear path anymore! Maybe this is due to the fact that I’m in a new enviroment and away from my main suppoters. Yet, I can relate on excuses. I used to use excuses everyday, but now that I’m at college I can not. My core values are connected to my purpose, yet as I explore the world. I’ve came to realize that maybe my purpose was not my own, rather it was my families.

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