Blog 1

Blog 1

  1. What do you think your purpose is? How will you find it if you don’t know? How will you maintain or change it if you do know?

Sitting in lecture brought up some introspective moments. We looked inside ourselves to find the main reason we all enrolled into the University of Michigan. We tried to find the one reason that made us choose to come to such a challenging university. From wanting to be a part of a bigger community to simply wanting to be able to say Go Blue everywhere, we all have our different purposes. My purpose in life is to make the people who love me proud. I want to work hard and give all the people who have put their faith in me a reason to continue. Finding this reason was not easy, and it took a lot of time. I had to think through all the things that truly mattered to me, and start seeing what encompassed everything I cared about. The two key concepts that continue to drive me towards my purpose are motivation to put a smile on my family’s face, and persistence to keep that smile there. My goal is to work hard at everything I do, and hopefully that will lead me to my purpose.

  1. What excuses do you use in your life? How can you combat against these excuses and continue to push forward toward your passion?

The excuses I always use are “This doesn’t matter” or “I will do it later.” Instead of working hard at every little assignment or task I have in life, sometimes I slack off. I don’t always give my 100% if the topic isn’t interesting to me. In order to truly excel in the way, I want too, I know I have to rid those bad habits. The only bad part is, this is all easier said than done.

  1. What do you think Larry means when he finishes his talk with the word “unless?”

By ending the talk with the word “unless,” Larry hooked in all the listeners. It made us think “What can we do, so we don’t fail at life?” He wanted us to think about what the “unless” was for our lives. He wanted us to not forget about the talk after it ended and try and find a path that will lead us to a successful and happy life.


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  1. I really like your response to the first question; with so many new exciting things occurring in our lives right now, it is so easy to get caught up in the moment and take everything around us for granted. Although my prime purpose in life isn’t to make others proud, I definitely believe that it is important to take the time to stop and acknowledge everyone who has been there for us at some point in our lives, especially our families. The least that we can do is to show them our gratitude by working hard and so that we also can be proud of ourselves! (I also make the same excuses and am still in the process of trying to reverse my slacking tendencies. :))

  2. I’m a procrastinator, too. Before I left for college, my uncle told me to do a couple of things to remedy this. First, he said so assignments as soon as possible. He claims that getting them out of the way is empowering and leaves you lots of free time afterwards. Secondly, he said that I should write down all the assignments I receive in a planner and cross them out once I complete them. He claims that doing this gets you excited about completing things early. I think Larry actually mentioned this during his lecture, too. I enjoyed your responses and hope your semester is off to a good start!

  3. I find myself at a slight similarity with you regarding your purpose. Throughout all my life my family has given me so much: happiness, love, support, confidence. As I come to college I am eager to learn new things and explore my passion, but at the same time I want to make my parents proud in whatever I do. Whatever path I choose to take I know my family will be right behind me supporting my every step of the way, so I too want to work hard to put a smile on my family’s face. However, I think this is only one part of my purpose — the rest is still left for me to discover as I continue to grow. I also completely agree with your interpretation of what Larry’s “unless” meant. Finding a path that will lead us to a happy life is exactly how you do not fail to have a great career because when you pursue your passion you will never be forced to live a life doing things you do not enjoy.

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